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Buy BrickControl to install on your server

On your server. Without the need for an Internet connection. Yours forever.


Standard Professional Business Enterprise
First user  1232USD 1232USD 1856USD 2284USD
Additional user  601USD 601USD 913USD 2284USD
Recommended Rehabilitation and reform organizations Architects & Engineers (Project management and study) Builders Companies that require high-level support
Customer Management
Price database
Project Progress
Resource Calculation
Project Certification
Payment Certificates
Reception of materials
Purchase Invoices
Material transfer
Sales Invoices
Time Sheets
Personnel Management
Supplier Management
Cost Deviation Analysis
Control panel
Project Outcome
Planning – Gantt
Pictures from your mobile phone
Warehouse Management
Access permissions
Silver Support  25% the annual amount. (Included in the first year) 25% the annual amount. (Included in the first year) 25% the annual amount. (Included in the first year)
Gold Support  25% the annual amount. (Included in the first year)
Maximum number of users 10 10 10 No limit
GBStorageDatacenter No limit No limit No limit No limit
BrickControl API  No limit No limit No limit No limit
Installation on
local server 
Local server maintenance  130 USD/month 130 USD/month


Would you rather subscribe to BrickControl in the cloud?



You simply need a Windows server with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and 60 GB of available disk space.

Yes, the initial installation of BrickControl is included in the price.

When installing BrickControl on your server, you are responsible for assuring that your server is working properly. If at any moment you require our intervention, you can hire it with a cost of 35 BrickPoints by intervention.

The first year is included with the purchase. From the second year on, this service is optional. If you wish to hire it, the annual cost is of 20% of the price of purchase.

1 BrickPoint = 1 EUR
1 BrickPoint = 1,30 USD 
The main advantage is being able to keep the BrickControl data in your own server, as with traditional applications.

There are many advantages:

0 problems: You don’t have to worry about anything, since everything (i.e., hardware, server, installation, configuration, etc.) is on Amazon’s datacenter. We chose Amazon because we consider it to be the best in the world.

Save money: You don’t have to solve any of the above mentioned problems, because we solve them for you.

High security: Amazon continuously performs backups of all the data and replicates this information in different geographical locations to avoid any loss of data. There is no doubt that deploying a similar backup system directly at your office would come at a very high cost. Although not necessary, for your safety you can also download a backup of your data at any moment.

Yes. You can buy BrickControl and have it in our datacenter as long as you have purchased the support and updates service.