Metro7 talks about BrickControl


Working with BrickControl allows us to see fast and accurate analysis of the costs of our works, as well as the imminent integration of data in our “review” accounting software.

Jose Bailach – Metro7  –

Metro7 is a leading company in singular building and sustainable construction.

We decided to work with BrickControl despite being accustomed for many years to working with other cost programs because, apart from being in the cloud and being able to access it from any device, we realized that it gave very detailed cost analysis to all projects.

We work as a team often because we all use BrickControl at the same time.

In addition, the decisive decision for BrickControl to become a part of Metro7 was based on how we have been able to integrate data with the accounting program, so that in administration we do not do double work. By including expense and income invoices, it transfers them to accounting, without having to go back to re-enter data.

But we would like to highlight the efficiency of the entire BrickControl team. They are professionals who have always been able to solve any problem via online chat or instantaneous e-mail.