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Indicators & KPIs Analysis for Construction Projects

Discover our powerful solution for performance indicators analysis in construction works. Our software helps you create detailed reports with all the KPIs for your construction projects, ready to be delivered to the business and technical management.

Visualize performance indicators with comprehensive graphics and work progress data. Perform construction project development analysis in an agile way.

Analysis of Indicators and KPIs for building projects
Project analysis

Global KPIs: analysis of project scenarios

This report covers different indicators, contrasting different periods, allowing an overview of the analysis of all the scenarios of a specific project or a global view of all the projects that can be managed in parallel in BrickControl.

Analyse different scenarios for each project.
financial and cost analysis, sales, and profit analysis.

Analyze financial KPIs in construction projects

Perform complete cost analysis, sales, and profit analysis according to the most relevant construction indicators. Analysis reports will be ready to be sent to management and project directors. Get comprehensive data visualization of scope control, cost, feasibility analysis, sales analysis, and more aspects of major importance.

Get precise estimations of how each project will conclude. Our solution for construction indicator analysis offers complete, up-to-date, and accurate data.

you can analyze the information of each project at a time

Perform a Multicollinearity Analysis of variables. Get an overview of all the information on each project you build. Create the most important reports, as well as precise estimations on how and when the project will be finished.

Project analysis, planning, and organization of construction field operations

What types of KPIs are needed in construction projects?

Analyze all your on going projects. In order to do so in an efficient way, you can group them by business units, companies, branches, or currencies.

Analysis of costs and budgets of a project

Compare the bid budget with the actual budget, which includes all the modifications that have been made throughout the project. You can compare the economic analysis of different projects such as an engineering project, reform, heavy construction, or any other project carried out in BrickControl.

Get the most out of BrickControl with our construction budget management features.

Analysis of costs and budgets of a project
Financial analysis of a construction project

Financial KPI analysis of construction projects

Analyze all cost indicators and their subdivisions, and identify KPIs such as actual cost, estimated final cost, etc.

Analysis of construction project sale scenarios

Analyse sales indicators that are involved in the project’s marketing process Manage performance indicators such as sales, construction work certifications status, and estimated final sale, among others.

Analysis of different sales alternatives for a project
Feasibility of a project

Feasibility analysis for construction projects

Obtain the feasibility projection and specify the profits that the project is going to generate according to the progress it has had so far.

Analyse temporary contrasts of a project

Analyse, evaluate, measure, and control the progress of the construction, and compare information from previous years with the current year of the project.

Analyse temporary contrasts of a project
Analyze your project's timeframes

Analysis of construction progress time schedules

Make sure that your projects are always on schedule Verify the work schedule that was defined in the first place and compare it with the real progress being made on the project.

Reports Visualization for project analysis

Print PDF document files including all indicators and graphic information you need about the project. Share these report analyses with the rest of your team members, clients, and stakeholders.

Generate a graphic reports for project analysis

BrickControl is a software specialized in the overall analysis of construction projects.

Schedule the building project analysis report and significantly improve the management process by maintaining a clear perspective of the main KPIs.

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