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Cost controller software for construction companies

Have complete supervision capabilities of all of your projects’ costs. Follow up on work progress and subcontractors’ performance.

BrickControl’s software solution for cost controllers offers powerful features for the collection, storage, and management of construction invoices and receipts.

Construction costs calculation software

With our construction cost control software, you will be able to know if a project is profitable or not before it is finished. Easily check the veracity of the project progress reports as defined by the Construction Site manager.

Construction costs calculation software
Manage cost index in construction and building

Manage Construction Cost Indexes

Have optimal information on the expected cost of each project and detect estimation errors. Keep control of all costs related to labor, construction materials, and machinery with the most commonly used calculation methods in building projects:

  • Producer Price Index (PPI)
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Construction Cost Index (CCI)

All-in-One features for construction cost managers

Cost Control Managers play a key role in ensuring that construction projects are completed on time and within budget. They monitor costs and identify areas where cost savings can be achieved and profits can be incrased.

With our cost controller software solution, you will be able to study and analyze actual work variances and audit invoicing of construction subcontractors.

Cost control in construction and building works

Keep the economic control of tasks and work done on the construction site with our project cost control software. Estimate, forecast, and manage your construction budget connecting directly with the project’s real expenses and job costing with BrickControl.

Project cost and work progress control

Cost and progress audits for construction and building

BrickControl can connect remotely right form the construction field, for a cost and performance review of the real construction progress of the project and check any necessary changes.

Conduct construction cost audits and productivity reviews of labor and machinery on working and building on the field.

Manage subcontractor billings

Construction Subcontractor Billing Control

Our billing software for construction companies maximizes the economic control of the project. You will be able to check all invoices submitted by the project’s Contractors to check if their charges correspond to the work that has been actually done.

Compare and control bills from external suppliers, collaborators, and subcontractors with BrickControl.

Construction and building cost analysis

Online Tools for Construction Cost Analysis

The cost analysis feature helps cost controllers detect project variations that occurred during the control period and at right the source. Our app offers complete tools for cost calculations and data visualization, making it a platform integrated with all phases of the project.

Cost analysis and variance prevention

Cost analysis and variance prevention

Find alternatives to the cost deviations detected, in order to prevent variations from continuing. Schedule meetings with the construction site manager, in order to define the best solutions and avoid further deviations.

Assign detailed expenses to your project budget

Every purchase made can be assigned to each project and all work timesheets are associated directly with the budget defined at the beginning of the project. Cost and expenses are exactly assigned to their corresponding budget level, which makes financial control of all items easier.

Assign detailed expenses to your project budget
Cost reviewing for all of your projects

Cost tracking for construction & building projects

Perform detailed project analysis, in order to have a global vision of all of your company’s operations.

Have a complete online solution for monitoring the evolution and market trends for prices, expenses, and yields. Generate powerful reports indicating the costs of labor, machinery, and construction materials.

A comprehensive control panel for economic control

Economic control Dashboard APP

Access our software dashboard from your mobile phone, tablet or office computer. In this way, you will have a quick overview of your project’s work and development.

With BrickControl, you can track both committed and uncommitted costs, while providing the required access to your project management staff.

With BrickControl, you can track both committed and uncommitted costs, while providing the required access to your project management staff.

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