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Construction price list database management software

Using construction price databases has never been so convenient. BrickControl allows you to import price databases from Excel in a very simple way.

Our DB management app allows you to import any price database available in the market regardless of the country and currency you need to work with. You will be able to create budgets in a much faster, simpler, and accurate way.

Construction price list database management software
Pricing Database

A Unit Pricing APP for reliable construction Estimating

Create estimates with the unit price database with complete and accurate information. Access detailed price breakdowns including material, labor, equipment, and overhead.

You will be able to compare the best costs to design your construction works in an optimal way and efficiently control the prices.

Reliable estimates
Immediate updates

Automatically updated price databases

It is as simple as uploading the database to our construction management software and it will automatically be available. Import your pricing databases from Excel spreadsheets and other calculation apps, and just start with your construction cost projections.

Follow construction industry price trends

Our software allows you to quickly add price databases, edit and share your price proposals. Access to construction material, labor, and equipment costs.

Monitors price increases or decreases for each line item. With BrickControl’s construction price management, your projections will always be up to date.

Keep up with the price trends

BrickControl offers flexibility for database management. Streamline budgeting of construction works. Adjust costs according to your construction needs with our complete solution for construction companies.

Specification of items in the databases

Assigns price databases to projects

You can define the items and indicate the needed amount for each task as well as its unitary and total price. You will be able to assign the cost and price lists to the projects and create a complete construction estimate and budget.

Keep multiple price lists with maximum cost detail for each item, item, and unit.

Detailed descriptions for each unit

You can indicate long descriptions which might be useful to get a better insight of the items Keep updated unit price lists for:

  • Construction materials and elements
  • Labor
  • Contractors
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Indirect costs
Indicate detailed descriptions

Price databases for multiple languages and countries

Each of the price databases can be defined in the language of your choice so that the estimates fit the language of each region where the work is being carried out.

You will be able to generate unlimited cost databases. The objective is to adjust yields and prices to the geographical areas of the country and also to each of the countries where the company operates.

Multi language databases

Manage pricing in Multiple currencies and currencies

BrickControl allows databases to be generated in the currency of the country where the work is to be carried out. Monitor the evolution of prices in different currencies and make accurate cost projections.

BrickControll’s multi-currency unit price management is key to the international expansion of your construction business.

Export and import your price databases

Price databases can be imported and/or exported in different formats, such as BC3, and Excel.

The unitary price feature that the software has was designed to make your daily job easier as well as to provide the solution that companies required.

Keep your price databases up to date

Take a behind-the-scenes look at why hundreds of leading companies are using BrickControl construction database management software and learn how to get more profits.

Keep your price databases up to date

Take a behind-the-scenes look at why hundreds of leading companies are using BrickControl construction database management software and learn how to get more profits.

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