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ESCO energy services software for construction

A software solution for ESCO companies, energy efficiency, and construction project management. Improve the use of sustainable energy resources today. Get more profitability with leading construction site management software.

Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) often manage complex projects involving energy improvements to buildings, facilities, equipment, and public infrastructure.

ESCO sustainable energy efficiency projects
Efficient and sustainable energy network in construction

Manage energy efficiency projects’ entire life cycle 

ESCO construction projects are becoming increasingly relevant in the construction industry due to the growing demand for sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Companies that offer solutions specialized in the planning, implementation, and management of energy projects in buildings and structures aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact on the built environment.

The types of ESCO projects include the installation of solar panels, the implementation of energy-efficient lighting systems, improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings, and the installation of heating and cooling systems that reduce fuel use and NOx and CO2 emissions.

Management solution for ESCO companies

With a long history of helping to manage sustainable construction companies, we at BrickControl understand the complexity of ESCO projects. Our goal is to help improve energy savings in each case, providing tools for the design and implementation of customized, efficient, and environmentally beneficial solutions.

Our solutions can be adapted to all types of ESCO projects:

  • Energy renovation work on buildings
  • Installation of renewable energies in industries
  • Optimization of energy consumption in large commercial facilities.
  • Improving energy efficiency in public infrastructures.
Green and sustainable energy sources
Financial analysis for esco

Financial Management for Energy Services Companies 

The ability to develop accurate budgets and well-detailed business plans is crucial to obtain financing for energy projects. BrickControl helps you create detailed financial reports, ideal for project presentations at financing meetings.

Creating budgets and planning projects through our web App streamlines the presentation of solid and realistic business plans for ESCO project investors.

Our project management software is tailored to the specific needs of energy efficiency projects, allowing you to plan, execute and control your projects in an effective and optimized way. 

presentation esco results

Energy saving project management for construction 

Show the results of your ESCO projects in an agile and efficient way. You can include graphs and tables to present at board and investor meetings. Find out how to present the benefits of ESCO projects with our analysis features for construction.

Energy efficiency works with no project variances

In ESCO projects, the most common deviations can be in terms of cost, time, and quality. Our cloud technology solution allows real-time variation monitoring while work is being done on-site, and comparing the progress with the projected work plan.

Controls any differences between the actual energy consumption and the project estimates. Oversee the correct selection of equipment and avoid any issues during equipment and infrastructure installation jobs.

deviations in esco projects: analysis
warehouses esco materials

Warehouse management and logistics for ESCO 

ESCO construction works often require installing new equipment and implementing advanced energy technologies. o of the keys to optimizing the sustainability of this kind of project is to ensure that all supplies are in stock: renewable energy equipment, thermal insulation materials, and efficient lighting, among others.

Our digital platform for construction warehouse management allows you to keep track of your construction materials. Added to this, BrickControl allows you to monitor the flow of resources, and plan the receipt and construction materials procurement. Ensures environmentally friendly materials management.

Choose the Best Suppliers for ESCO Services and Materials 

When choosing materials and machinery suppliers for ESCO projects, it is crucial to ensure that these are aligned with specific objectives and requirements. The supplier’s expertise in energy efficiency and sustainable construction work ensures compliance with environmental standards and regulations.

Some common materials used in this type of project include thermal insulation, high-efficiency glass, LED lighting systems, and efficient air conditioning systems, among others. Our price database feature allows you to choose the right materials that meet energy efficiency and sustainability requirements, without compromising quality and cost.

List of esco construction suppliers
Schedule payments and hiring on power industry projects

Keep materials & items sustainable and affordable 

Sustainable building materials are those that have a lower environmental impact during production, use, and disposal. Manage your projects with recyclable and carbon footprint-reducing materials, such as:

  • solar panels
  • LED lighting systems
  • double-glazed windows
  • fiberglass insulation, paints
  • low VOC coatings
  • certified wood coatings

BrickControl is a software that allows you to manage your projects with which you can carry out specific energy and energy-efficient construction projects.

BrickControl is a software that allows you to manage your projects with which you can carry out specific energy and energy-efficient construction projects.

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