Preconstruction Software for Surveying & Planning

Manage all required surveys for preconstruction phases of a project, including detailed estimates, feasibility analysis, site assessments and planning. BrickControl helps you manage and keep track of all the resources required in your construction projects. Are you ready for complete preconstruction management with our cloud-based software? A fully integrated solution for you.


Design, planning, and management of construction works.


Generate bid estimates with accuracy and detail

Construction Price databases

Work with up-to-date price lists

Planning (Gantt)

Complete time and task scheduling for your construction projects

Preconstruction project proposals online

Make all presentations of your construction projects in a clear, synthetic, and data-driven manner. Generate comprehensive charts & graphics for cost and resource planning, including project surveying and data analysis. Manage all preconstruction surveying with our all-in-one software and make agile construction project proposals and presentations to your clients. Our cloud-based technology enables you to instantly access all preconstruction surveying data, which is ideal for client meetings and business presentations.

Construction project proposals online
Automate planning & surveying processes for preconstruction phases

Automate planning & surveying processes for preconstruction phases

Visualize how your construction project will progress and develop before even construction work in the field begins. Access, manage and update all the information and surveys on your projects in a simple and centralized way. Price lists, measurements, cost estimates, and resource allocation, all in a single digital platform. With our dynamic Gantt Chart feature you will be able to see and follow up projections, as established in the construction project budget.

Start working with automation for preconstruction surveys & agile construction project proposals today

Economic and technical construction feasibility studies

Estimate the costs and purchasing needs of your project with high-level details. Get accurate economic and technical feasibility studies with our preconstruction software solution. Get complete process automation with changes and updates as needed, helping you to keep track of project estimates. BrickControl allows you to perform construction feasibility studies with all the information sources you need to start building. Our solution allows you to structure your project estimates by adding chapters, subchapters, work unit codes, items, etc from the project creation menu, in a clear, detailed, and accessible way.

Economic and technical construction feasibility studies
Manage construction project documentation easily and securely

Manage construction project documentation easily and securely

With BrickControl you can manage all documents related to your preconstruction and construction projects in a simple, fast, and secure way. Make construction project proposals and projections in an agile and accurate way, keeping contracts, bids, and budgets up to date. Our preconstruction solution offers complete user control, so you can manage remote online access with your clients as well as work with team members. Customize remote access to plans, documentation, and other relevant project information as needed. Our preconstruction management software allows you to upload Excel spreadsheets, contracts, construction plans, images, and all types of files, both from mobile devices and computers.

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