Manage multiple roles and users

Our platform fully adapts to each client and users’ needs, with custom features that allow each team member to work in an efficient and personalized manner. Manage users according to their specific needs, whether you work alone or as part of a team. With BrickControl you will be able to connect with your collaborators in a smart way, with remote and secure access.

Building & Construction Studies

Run preconstruction studies

Construction Planner

Simplify the work of Construction Planners

Construction Site Manager

Makes Construction Manager’s work easy

Purchasing & logistics

Manage Construction materials purchases

Cost controller

Construction costs caulculation software


Handle construction management of multiple projects

Construction Project Director

Construction manager tasks with complete monitoring capabilities

Human Resources

Manage staff and personnel in construction and building


Construction machinery outsourcing management

Director of Digital Transformation

Building technologies (IT) for digital transformation


Financial control and management

Machinery and Equipment Manager

Manage construction machinery

Want to check out other features of BrickControl?

Access to other features: Preconstruction and planning Construction Work Execution, Purchasing and Logistics Analysis and Administration

BrickControl: your construction management software

Software for planning and developing construction projects

Easily create detailed estimates and plan your construction projects. With BrickControl you will be able to manage and keep track of all the resources required in your projects. Are you ready to start planning construction projects with our cloud based software? A fully integrated solution for you.

Design, planning and management of construction works.

Generate bid estimates with accuracy and detail

Work with up-to-date price lists

Complete time and task scheduling for your construction projects

Construction works Execution Software

Follow up the progress of the construction work execution plan in a complete and efficient manner, with our cloud-based software. Integrate work progress tracking, construction progress certificates management, as well as resources and materials monitoring in a single platform.

BrickControl provides on-site real-time information about project execution planning, right at the reach of your hand.

Keep track of all work progress KPIs of your construction projects

Create, manage and bill your work certificates

Monitor materials and labour subcontractors

Management, reception and cost allocation of construction materials

Our software allows you to assign labor costs to specific tasks of each project

Control machinery costs

Purchase Orders and Logistics Management Software

How to manage the resource and materials logistics for construction worksites? Access all the information regarding the stock control, warehouse availability and logistics using a single digital platform. Easily manage suppliers, purchases, and orders in an integrated way using BrickControl.

Automatically calculate the resources needed for work execution on each of your projects.

Find the best supplier. Compare quality and price.

Control stock and purchase orders of your construction items

Purchase orders and subcontractors management software

Warehouse, stock and inventory management

Transfer inventory between different locations

Analysis, management and financial control of construction works

BrickControl allows you to generate reports and analyze all your projects in real-time. Visualize and compare the differences between the estimate and the actual execution costs of your projects in real-time. Our platform will allow you to evaluate times and costs even before the project is completed. This way you will have financial control over your construction works in an efficient way.

Analyze the differences between the actual work progress and the construction progress certificate

Oversee different indicators and follow up your construction projects

Create project outcomes reports for your collaborators team and clients

Construction administration software

BrickControl optimizes administrative processes of construction sites, avoiding information duplicates. Also, our software allows you to follow-up invoicing, expenses and personnel management, all in just one application. Do you know what’s the best part of all of this? BrickControl is fully compatible with other accounting and financial software, through our real-time API integrations.

Allocate costs and manage purchase invoices

Allocate costs and manage sales invoices

Carry out construction personnel management

Construction machinery outsourcing management

Customer management and monitoring + CRM

Carry out cash flow control and management

Manage team access

Manage integration with accounting programs