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Control of civil works at all times: project progress management in real time

Civil works & Infrastructure Project Management Platform

Do you have effective control over your civil construction work? BrickControl helps you keep track of all your civil construction projects’ progress.

Monitor the complete project cycle in civil construction and building projects related to Transportation infrastructure, Water and wastewater, Public facilities, Landscaping, and outdoor spaces, as well as Commercial and residential development sites. Integrate the construction base budget with the execution of civil works in a single software solution.

KPI control for civil works construction projects

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are very important for evaluating the progress and quality of civil works projects. BrickControl helps you monitor the right KPIs on a regular basis:

  • Quality KPIs: Measure customer satisfaction, number of defects, and compliance with requirements.
  • Safety KPIs: Measure accident rate and injury frequency to ensure adequate safety measures.
  • Budget KPIs: Control of civil works expenses and the money assigned in the estimated cost.
  • Time KPIs: project cycle, productivity, and resources used in civil works.
Percentage of progress calculation in civil construction
Cloud-based work progress reporting

Cloud-based reporting for all types of civil works

Our PM software lets you manage civil works projects and documentation from anywhere in the world and through any mobile device. Online reporting for all types of civil works:

  • Transportation infrastructure:
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Energy Infrastructure Projects
  • Landscaping and outdoor spaces

Optimize Survey control Processes for civil works.

The use of Survey Controls in civil works is a widely extended and essential practice. This is the process of establishing and maintaining precise measurements or reference points on a construction site.

Our software allows you to mark the progress of the work using Survey Controls created previously, organizing tasks with our complete budget control features. Our app also allows monitoring work progress by lines, even if no Survey Control information has been included previously in the budget.

Measurement lines for civil construction work control

Connect civil works budget modifications with project execution reports.

Optimize quality control for civil works

BrickControl streamlines work processes for technical reports, execution reports, and budget projections in a complete and unique solution. Maximize work execution and quality control in civil works projects, ensuring full compliance with deadlines and contractual clauses.

Minimizes risks, ensuring the quality of construction materials, technical specifications of machinery and tools, as well as the use of skilled and efficient labor.

management of civil construction works
Easily make changes and updates in your civil construction project budget

Control of budget modifications for civil works

Avoid impact on the quality and schedule of the civil works project. Our comprehensive software solution allows you to make the necessary changes to the budget even if the work is underway.

Optimize construction field document management according to best practices with our cloud-based software. Organize versions, and modifications and share information remotely with all stakeholders and colaborators involved in the project.

An integrated system for civil works planning

BrickControl offers you full Gantt charts features for you to plan all the tasks and steps to follow based on the budget. You will be able to visualize road works, airport projects, large hydraulic engineering works, energy and electrical projects, Water treatment plants, and reservoirs, among others.

Plan your civil construction work
Manage work progress

Integrate Earned Value Management (EVM)

Integrate Earned Value Management (EVM) is a methodology used to measure the actual progress of a project against the planned progress. BrickControl offers full control based on the measurement of main variables, such as project budget, earned value, and actual costs Thus, our software is able to adapt to the needs of each client by means of:

  • Progress monitoring by stages in the project
  • Follow-up of execution by work packages
  • Progress control by components
  • Progress control by specific tasks

Prevent project variations

Get a broad and complete overview of deviation margins that will allow you to take the necessary corrective measures. Avoids unwanted variations in the project.

With the construction project preview you will be able to have detailed and real information to accurately compare the expected costs with the actual costs, through a cost analysis.

Prevent project variations
Prints civil work execution reports

Print your civil works execution reports

Brickcontrol gives you the possibility to print your civil works project progress to keep track of the project documentation. Use different templates at your disposal, generate reports and progress reports for your clients or print them for internal controls and management.

BrickControl is a full software solution for large construction and civil works projects.

Which type of construction work does your company perform? Stay in control of your project and meet your deadlines, stick to your budget and fully manage your civil construction works.

BrickControl is a full software solution for large construction and civil works projects.

Which type of construction work does your company perform? Stay in control of your project and meet your deadlines, stick to your budget and fully manage your civil construction works.

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