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Renovation and remodeling software

Renovation & Remodeling Management Software

We offer the ultimate software solution for construction remodellers. Get the ideal Taylor-made software for renovation and remodeling projects.

Manage small and large construction projects: remodeling and renovation works for houses, buildings, homes, and offices.

An App for remodellers and renovation works

Do you need to manage projects and renovation works? Monitor remodeling and renovation works development and Control construction budgets with our complete construction management software. We offer one of the most competitive remodeling management solutions in the market.

Have detailed control of your renovation works, whether they are for office or for housing. Monitor costs and prices during construction with our comprehensive home and building remodeling management app.

Renovation work progress tracking for homes, offices, and all types of real estate.
The must-have management software for remodeling companies

The must-have management software for remodeling companies

Why is BrickControl the best software for remodelling management? Because our company listens to our customer’s needs and delivers top customer services as well, to help them out with their projects and business. Our support team and experience are one of the main reasons why our clients chose our software. Our solution helps remodelers manage their projects for houses, buildings, and any type of home renovation work.

Control renovations and remodeling tracking the real costs

With Brickcontrol you can add and manage any kind of real costs related to your renovation and remodeling works. At any time, you will be fully aware of all the expenses incurred, in order to compare these with your income and see how profitable your project really is.

BrickControl offers complete management of price databases for construction with our online app. Compare prices, track cost evolution, and minimize expenses.

Cost control for remodeling and renovations

Submit construction estimates and work certificates to your clients in a professional manner.

Seamless coordination for remodellers through our building management APP.

Coordinate remodelling work teams using our app

You can manage all relevant information about your remodeling project, such as meeting notes, construction progress reports and upload images to update the status of the work at all times. Get all these features right on your mobile phone, and get work done faster.

Project management software for all types of renovation works

Our software offers a wide variety of reports for rehabilitation and renovation works, whether for residential or office buildings. You will be able to progressively collect all the information entered and manage with our all-in-one platform. Work with accurate data and make the right decisions for the benefit of the project.

Our software is designed for remodelers
Simplifies the management of material purchases for construction and renovation works.

Make your purchases for remodeling works with just a few clicks

Our construction and renovation management solution allows you to place purchase orders with suppliers in an easy and simple way. You can manage price lists based on resource calculation and choose to print them on paper or send them as pdf files.

BrickControl gives you the complete features for purchasing and logistics on construction sites such as stock control in warehouses and purchase invoices.

Manage budget variations in your remodeling and renovation works

Maximize profits with our deviation analysis software, with automated monitoring for your renovation jobs and budgets.

With Brickcontrol you can update your construction estimates online at any time. As any remodeling job undergoes changes in the process, you can compare what has been done with the initial work budget.

Manage budget variations in your remodeling and renovation works
Calculate selling prices based on costs

Calculate the price of remodeling work based on costs

In our budget screen feature users can calculate selling prices based on costs, using percentages, profit, or desirable specific amounts.

Budget templates for remodelers

Create budget and estimating templates for all your renovation and remodeling jobs. You just need to copy and paste the template from another similar project you worked on and then make the necessary changes. You can fully customize printable quotation templates, including your company’s information and logo.

Renovation estimating templates

Thanks to BrickControl, construction and renovation works are now easier to manage.

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Thanks to BrickControl, construction and renovation works are now easier to manage.

The top software for controlling remodeling works. Control construction projects at all levels!

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