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Timesheets Monitoring and Management Software for Construction Projects

Timesheets App for Construction Work

Our app allows you to manage and visualize work timesheets, connecting the construction site with project directors and office staff. Remote and fast connection for construction timesheet monitoring.

Keep track of the hours of work performed on the construction site. Include work timesheets as a cost in every project you build.


Timesheets web app for construction employees and contractors

With Brickcontrol you can keep track of the hours worked by all members of your team. In this way, you can monitor collaborators’ and subcontractors’ time and performance on-site in an efficient manner.

Our comprehensive work report management app is available for multiple mobile devices. Connect remotely your collaborators on the construction site with your engineering or architectural firm offices.

Keep track of your crew and subcontractor's labor hours
construction timesheet management

Control operational labor costs

Our construction management platform allows you to control the schedules and activities of workers in the construction field. Superintendents and site managers can know at all times, connected remotely, in which project their employees are working on and how much working time they spend on each task.

Digital work reports & Timesheets for builders

Our software`s Timesheet management interface allows you to specify work hours with high detail. Depending on the tasks and days, each employee may assign hours as normal, holiday, night, extra, free, and others.

Streamline construction timesheet management with our labor productivity management software. Connect worker performance with detailed monitoring of their activities and tasks at the construction site.

Detailed timesheets information

Our construction work report management app allows you to assign time slots to each activity. Improve productivity and work efficiently. Build a more competitive construction company.

Resource allocation and timesheets management

Monitor work Timesheets for all projects and levels

With our task and work timesheet control software, you can decide at which assignment level to allocate workers. Choose whether you want to assign the labor cost to project only, chapter project, project, chapter and task, or even project and resource.

BrickControl streamlines work timesheet management between the construction administration and management departments of your company.

Update work reports right from the construction site

Access the work reports from our cloud-based app. Add work reports from your mobile, make modifications, or save work reports from your cell phone. Have all timesheet templates pre-loaded in our app.

With BrickControl, construction workers will be able to update their own work reports from their mobile phones, without seeing other workers’ information. All members of the work team will be able to upload images and complete all the required information on a single platform.

Streamline construction workforce management with BrickControl.

Create timesheet reports
Timesheets analysis

Automate work report analysis for construction sites

Automation processes for work timesheets on all the projects you build. The work hours and the actual allocated cost are calculated by BrickControl considering the cost per hour assigned to each employee and multiplying it by the number of hours indicated in the timesheet.

Analyse performance and have control over the timesheets.

Manage timesheets more efficiently and reduce the total cost of the project by setting realistic production targets and tracking the daily progress of units of installation in the field against those goals.

Keep track and control over work parts

Manage timesheets more efficiently and reduce the total cost of the project by setting realistic production targets and tracking the daily progress of units of installation in the field against those goals.

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