Construction administration software

BrickControl optimizes administrative processes of construction sites, avoiding information duplicates. Also, our software allows you to follow-up invoicing, expenses and personnel management, all in just one application. Do you know what’s the best part of all of this? BrickControl is fully compatible with other accounting and financial software, through our real-time API integrations.

Purchase invoices

Allocate costs and manage purchase invoices

Sales invoices

Allocate costs and manage sales invoices

Personnel management

Carry out construction personnel management

Machinery and equipment management

Construction machinery outsourcing management

Customer Management

Customer management and monitoring + CRM

Financial management

Carry out cash flow control and management

Security control access

Manage team access

Accounting Software Integration

Manage integration with accounting programs

Systematize the finances of your construction projects

Thanks to BrickControl you will always have control over the finances of each construction project. The administrative departments of your company will be able to manage the cash flow by having access to clear and detailed information in regards to the revenues and expenses. Our software allows you to manage resources so that you can integrate accounting with the day-to-day business.

Systematize the finances of your construction projects
You can manage your company from our cloud based software.

You can manage your company from our cloud based software.

BrickControl is a cloud based software that allows you to manage all the different areas of your construction company. You can remotely integrate the work of your team and collaborators by automating processes, saving time and reducing costs. Achieve effective communication between your team members, suppliers, and all the departments of your company wherever they are.

Improve the administrative processes of your construction company

Manage your company’s personnel in the cloud

Simplify the human resources management thanks to our software, which offers an integral solution that will allow you to oversee schedules, costs, payments, and everything related to your employees. With BrickControl you can carry out the follow up of the personnel from a single platform, whether they are your employees or the subcontractors.

Manage your company's personnel in the cloud
Your business will be more productive than ever!

Your business will be more productive than ever!

Don’t waste time or money. BrickControl allows you to carry out effective management by achieving agility and optimisation of the processes and the cost-benefit relationship. No more delays due to paperwork or management. Your construction company will work better than ever. Keep your collaborators and clients satisfied.

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Access to other features: Preconstruction and planning Construction Work Execution, Purchasing and Logistics Analysis and Administration