Construction Administration & Contract Management Software

BrickControl optimizes contract management processes for construction companies. Streamlines the administrative processes of contract oversight, billing and expense tracking, and personnel management in a single software. Do you know what’s the best part of all of this? BrickControl is compatible with accounting and financial management software, integrated through our real-time API.

Purchase invoices

Allocate costs and manage purchase invoices

Sales invoices

Allocate costs and manage sales invoices

Workforce & HR Management Software for Construction

Carry out construction personnel management

Machinery and equipment management

Construction machinery outsourcing management

Customer Management

Customer management and monitoring + CRM

Financial management

Carry out cash flow control and management

Security control access

Manage team access

Accounting Software Integration

Manage integration with accounting programs

Administration and finance software for your construction contracts

With BrickControl you will always monitor your company’s finances and manage your construction contracts. All administrative departments of your company will be able to manage the cash flow by having access to clear and detailed information in regards to the revenues and expenses. Our software allows you to manage resources with complete accounting integration for day-to-day business.

Systematize the finances of your construction projects
You can manage your company from our cloud based software.

Contract and documentation management for construction companies

BrickControl software solution allows administrative management of construction contracts during all phases of projects. Including detailed management of construction documentation, our platform allows your company to manage contracts, plans, and technical documentation, invoicing, in order to ensure compliance with contractual deadlines.

BrickControl offers a state-of-the-art technology platform for the administrative management of the construction industry.

Improve the administrative processes of your construction company.

Manage your construction company’s staff with our cloud-based solution

Make human resources management simple for the construction industry with BrickControl. Monitor work schedules, costs, and payments of all your personnel. It doesn’t matter if it’s about managing subcontractors or workers hired directly by your company, with BrickControl you can keep track of all your personnel on a single platform.

Our software is tailor-made for remote collaboration with external suppliers, on-site workers, administrative staff, and sales representatives, wherever they are.

Manage your company's personnel in the cloud
Your business will be more productive than ever!

Boost productivity of your construction businesses

BrickControl offers efficient administrative management for builders, integrating sales and customer care management through our CRM for construction and building. Streamlines the administrative processes for construction works in accordance with the stipulated contracts and agreements.

Get the best out of your construction contracts and deals Your construction company can obtain better business, with satisfied collaborators and clients.

Want to check out other features of BrickControl?

Access to other features: Preconstruction and planning Construction Work Execution, Purchasing and Logistics Analysis and Administration