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Quickbooks for construction and building
Quickbooks for construction companies

Intuit Quickbooks accounting for construction SMEs

Accounting integration solution with Quickbooks for small and medium-sized businesses and construction contractors.

BrickControl can connect automatically with Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software. Have all necessary financial management features fully integrated for your business.

What is Quickbooks?

With our software integration with Intuit Quickbooks your company can:

Automate invoicing and billing with accounting software

Automate invoicing and billing with accounting software

Payment methods, billing and cashflow are automatically synchronized.

Accounting management for construction projects

Financial management for construction SMEs

Have all QuickBooks features fully integrated with our construction works management system.

100% integrated accounting system

Easy and 100% functional accounting software integration

Connect QuickBooks with BrickControl in just a few clicks.

QuickBooks + BrickControl: accounting management especially tailored for contractors, as well as small and medium-sized construction companies.

Manage your suppliers and keep track of their work

Suppliers platform registration and tracking

Manage payments and your external collaborators’ work in a unified way.

Billing software for construction projects

Purchase management for SMEs and contractors

Connect with QuickBooks to easily issue and manage purchase invoices for services and materials.

accounting automation for construction and building

Control billing and payments using Quickbooks

When you receive and make payments in Quickbooks, the information is automatically transferred to BrickControl.

How does Quickbooks work for construction and building?

integration and compatibility of accounting software

Accounting integration with your construction work progress

Automate work certificates for your construction projects.

Manage suppliers in the accounting system

Centralized company registration

BrickControl allows you to register and manage clients, suppliers and projects, fully synchronized with QuickBooks.

assign construction items in finance software

Items in QuickBooks

Every item managed in BrickControl can be automatically transfered to Quickbooks.

software accounting connection

Connection to QuickBooks via API

Our integration is done through API (application software interface).

data synchronization between accounting programs

BrickControl is 100% synchronized with QuickBooks

Saves time with automated data transfer

Custom support

Custom support

Do you have questions about our QuickBooks integration? Ask our online support service.

QuickBooks and BrickControl make billing simple for SMBs and construction contractors

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How does QuickBooks accounting integration with BrickControl work?

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