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Purchase & Order Forms software for construction

Visualize all the material requirements and resources for your construction site. Manage and process purchase orders for all the projects you build.

Manage all material order forms for construction sites with a single app. BrickControl offers complete order tables with details, dates, and status of each request.

Manage your Purchase Orders Online
Management of work orders

Material orders and supply management for builders

Submit Material orders easily and quickly to the construction purchase department. Streamline your construction company’s purchase processes, with effective response and supply chain optimization.

With our material order form app, you will be able to manage the status of each order with records of materials ordered, pending, and delivered.

supply orders management for construction
Keep material orders & costs under control

Control supply orders on construction sites

Keep costs under control and track expenses, including labour and production data, against your budgets. Through the agile construction price database management tool you can compare and optimize costs for construction projects. Manage material order forms to hardware stores, prefabrication, plumbing supplies, electrical materials, and more.

Construction material order forms processing

Optimize purchases and get only the necessary supplies. Manage the complete process in coordination with construction site managers, including authorization and new requests.

Manage purchase orders for the items you actually need

BrickControl’s material order forms offer full integration with construction budget and purchases. Maximize productivity of your construction company.

App for construction material orders

Templates for construction material orders

Get material order templates, customized according to layout and design for each client and supplier. Our material order form templates feature specific technical conditions of the supplies you need.

Our solution for builders allows you to attach data sheets and images for the construction materials you need to request.

Purchase order templates
Create purchase orders

Create construction material orders online

Allocate materials directly to the construction site, as well as construction warehouses.

BrickControl is the perfect solution software for construction site managers and construction directors that allows you to manage everything you need for building your projects.

Manage Payments for Material Orders

Indicate to the supplier your preferred payment method. Also, specify the construction site or warehouse location where you need the materials to be shipped. With our online management system, you will be able to check the status of your order as well as the payment status of your construction suppliers.

Define the payment method of each purchase order
Define detailed parameters regarding the procurement of construction materials and resources

Ordering tables for construction materials procurement

Define the delivery dates and the currency in which the purchase order can be paid. Our app will allow you to generate complete material order data tables with title, record number, description, and status.

Improve your company’s competitiveness with BrickControl

Purchase order management has never been easier, more productive, and more efficient.

Improve your company’s competitiveness with BrickControl

Purchase order management has never been easier, more productive, and more efficient.

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