About Our Company

SHM is a company based in Madrid, Spain. Since our beginnings in 1981, we established ourselves as leading software developers for construction companies.

Construction Experts

Given our solid experience in the industry and in the technology changes of each era, we have decided to make the leap to Cloud Computing, in order to offer what construction companies needed.

Small companies could not afford to buy an ERP because of the high implementation costs.

Medium-sized companies: The ones that could afford to buy an ERP, often failed to make the right choice and ended up losing the investment they had made. Now they can first test for free if our solution is a fit for their company. Once they have certainty about it, then they subscribe for a small monthly payment with no upfront investment.

Large companies: They had financial ERPs from the market (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, PeopleSoft ….), which did not meet their needs as they were financial ERPs and not specific to the industry. Now with BrickControl, large companies can continue to use their financial ERP for the financial part, alongside with our own SaaS to manage construction sites. And through our Web Services they can easily integrate our SaaS with the various financial ERPs available on the market.

More than 30 years of experience in software for builders and architects

Thanks to SHM’s extensive experience and as a result of the many ideas provided by our customers over the years, we are able to offer worldwide a very easy to use and powerful software that offers solutions to companies of all sizes.