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Logistics & Procurement System for Construction

Get cloud-based access to all construction procurement management with a single platform. Have all the information regarding stock control, warehouse availability, and logistics using a single digital solution. Manage suppliers, purchases, work orders, and everything you need with one unique logistics system.

Resource analysis

Automatically calculate the resources needed for each of your construction works

Supplier management

Find the best supplier. Compare quality and price.


Control stock and purchase orders of your construction items

Purchase orders

Purchase orders and subcontractors management software

Warehouse management

Warehouse, stock and inventory management

Materials transportation

Construction Material Transfers

Automation for Construction Resource Calculation & Estimation

Our logistics & procurement software for construction helps you determine purchasing needs based on your estimates and budget. Get precise resource calculations for every project you build. Our user-friendly web interface grans access to organized information, displayed by chapters, subchapters, subsections, and work units. Get essential construction procurement management features for unit price cost monitoring, such as labor, equipment, materials, and overhead costs. As our solution is tailor-made for the complete construction process, including transfers, supply, and distribution. You can easily update prices and costs that affect the whole project just with a few clicks.

Automatically estimate the needed resources according to the budget.
Coordinate logistics of construction resources and materials

Coordinate logistics of construction resources and materials

Get remote access to all stocked construction items with detailed information, including category, date, location, and more. Keep your supply chain coordinated and follow-up trading, materials returns, and location either by branch, project, etc. Keep updated stock control in construction warehouses of origin and destination. Our construction supply management system points to the specific location of your work resources at all times.

Make the procurement process and logistics of your construction projects simple

Compare construction suppliers’ rates and negotiate better deals

With our smart solution for material procurement, you will get the best rates on the construction supplies market. Compare suppliers and figure out which deal seems right for each project you build Our cloud-based app allows you to optimize the procurement process based on your project estimates. You can define different currencies and get to work with the most competitive construction suppliers.

Negotiate better deals by knowing the best rates on the market
Maximize profits and reduce overhead costs

Maximize profits and reduce construction operation costs

Need a construction procurement management app to increase your profits? Get the best available and optimize purchases, transfers, and logistics. Keep updated information about your materials and resources procurement processes with BrickControl ERP. Add and modify inventory items and vendor information as each project progresses. Make adjustments to your estimate by updating the prices according to the actual cost of each item and optimize the expenses thanks to the most powerful procurement and logistics software

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