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Affiliate Program for Construction Companies

Are you in the construction and building business? Earning money with the BrickControl affiliate program is very easy. Refer potential clients to our website and we do all the work.

Get a 20% commission for each BrickControl subscription payment made by customers you refer.

Affiliate program for construction and building companies

Our affiliate program for building companies: How does it work?

How does BrickControl affiliate program work?

Visitors click on a link on your website or email that redirects them to our BrickControl website.

The referred visitor registers for a free trial of our Construction and building software.

Our company representatives take care of sales services for the client to make the purchase, such as phone calls, demo-sessions and customer follow-up.

Making a profit: Your construction business gets a 20% commission for each BrickControl subscription payment made by the clients that you have referred.

You only have to refer visitors to our website, we handle the rest!

How do I receive commission payments?

Your company will receive payments through PayPal, according to your commissions. During the registration process to our affiliate program, you must indicate your PayPal account as a payment method.

If in a year no sales are made, then all the accumulated commissions that were to be collected from that moment on are lost. All our Affiliates are active

How do I receive commission payments?

Become an affiliate

Become an affiliate