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Construction project management software

Construction Project Management Software

BrickControl is the best construction project management software for building companies and contractors.

Our PM solution is specifically designed for the construction and building industry, offering complete features for all project phases and scales. Our all-in-one Construction project app is fully integrated with other apps like Quickbooks and offers comprehensive Document Management features.

Manage construction projects with our web-based software

BrickControl gives you complete access to your construction projects from any location you are working on. Thanks to our cloud-based PM technology solution, you can connect remotely and online from mobile and desktop devices, like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and IOS.

Have your construction project information and documents right at your fingertips.

Cloud-based PM software for Builders
Manage and track construction project documentation

Construction Project Collaboration Tool

With BrickControl, document management for construction projects is fully integrated and always available for all team collaborators. Team members can upload photos from their mobile phones or tablet and attach all the documents related to the project they are building. These include construction plans, contracts, or signed agreements. Organize all your construction project documents and get direct access to them in the cloud, while working remotely. Collaboration in construction projects is easier with our cloud-based PM solution.

Project Management App for Construction & Building

Project managers (PMs) are responsible for managing construction projects from start to finish, while construction managers (CMs) are only involved in the project’s construction process. BrickControl helps to plan and manage all processes in all projects you are building. Our platform is suitable for any company size: Small contractors, mid-size building companies, and large-scale construction enterprises.

A Complete Software Solution for Construction Project Managers
Building Industry Projects

App features for Construction Projects

We offer the best software for project construction companies for its multi-device and software integration capabilities. BrickControl web app helps you with:

Supervision of construction projects

Construction project costs

Construction estimating and budgets

Critical path of a construction project

Scheduling of construction projects

Streamline all construction Project processes Maximize your productivity and make better decisions with real-time construction project data.

BrickControl’s web-based PM tools improve data exchange between collaboration teams and speed up workflows.

More accurate estimates thanks to project data

The best project planning with construction project data

Project Management and estimating in construction are more accessible, more accurate, and cost-effective when supported by actual construction data by percentage or by specific units. Stay on schedule and budget planning. Having reliable project data is a key advantage when estimating future projects.

Project Feasibility of construction works

Economic viability studies in the building industry are preliminary construction studies that are carried out at the early stages of a project. This type of documentation can be uploaded to BrickControl and shared with the team members that are currently working on that specific project. Other specific studies can also be uploaded.

Evaluate the viability of construction projects
Coordination of works and projects

Full Cycle Building Project Coordination

Project coordination is the day-to-day management of tasks that you can do from BrickControl on a general and departmental basis. You can check out tasks progress, project milestones, deadlines, schedules, budgets, and deviations.

Ideal for Small building companies and mid-sized ventures, they can fully manage their projects right from the works plan, with a single digital and integrated platform.

Get a 360° perspective in regards to your construction projects

We will show you how to successfully manage projects with an All-in-one solution from a company with solid experience. Complete the following form.

Get a 360° perspective in regards to your construction projects

We will show you how to successfully manage projects with an All-in-one solution from a company with solid experience. Complete the following form.

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