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If you provide consulting services, joining our partner program is an excellent opportunity to make your business grow and offer added-value benefits to your clients based on our cloud solution.

You will get a 30% commission for each BrickControl subscription payment made by the clients you get.


BrickControl is continually looking for qualified partners around the world. We have established partnerships with consultants, computer companies and software distributors.


Earn 30% commission periodically on all subscriptions you get. For each subscription payment we receive from your clients, you will get 30%.

If in a year no sales are made, then all the accumulated commissions that were to be collected from that moment on are lost. We want active partners.


If you wish, you can also give BrickControl support to your users. Users will be able to choose between hiring your local support or ours, as they prefer. One of the great advantages that you can offer your customers is to provide support in the local language.

You define the support rate you want to charge and 100% of the income is for you.


Provide training and consultancy on BrickControl to all your clients.

If a customer within your area asks us for training, we will contact you ourselves so that you can provide training to these clients.


BrickControl can easily integrate with other products on the market through our API.

You define the integration rate you want to charge and 100% of the income is for you.

Become a partner

Become a partner