Construction estimate software may be just what you need if you’re in charge of bidding for and completing projects of varying types. There’s no reason for you to move countless pieces of paper back and forth anymore because BrickControl allows you to benefit from modern technology throughout the estimating process.

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Construction Estimate Software BrickControl Is RemarkableBrickControl is compatible with mac, ios, windows and android



Versatile Construction Estimate Software

With BrickControl, you can generate estimates for small assignments that you aim to finish rapidly as well as more involved jobs that consist of many parts. Besides crafting thorough estimates from scratch, you can also import your existing files and thereby eliminate the wasted effort that comes from doing the same tasks more than once.




Accurate Takeoff Planning

Through the advanced capabilities of the BrickControl building estimator, it’s easy to generate meticulous lists of the materials and tools required for successful takeoff of your projects. Avoid hassles later on by coming up with a solid inventory of supplies from the beginning of your assignments.

Effortless Sale Price Calculation

When you choose BrickControl as your construction estimate software, you’re able to automatically add your markup to the prices. This allows you to come up with your final sale price without having to crunch the numbers on every individual item. Then share this final total with your clients.





Export Your Data

One of the most useful functions of the Brick Control builder software is the ability to export your estimates and later open them up in other programs. Save your information in standardized formats readable by Excel or whatever other software you frequently use.

Multiple Languages Available

BrickControl construction estimate software supports users around the world, so the relevant interfaces, outputs and reference materials have been translated into many languages. Even if your team consists of members from multiple countries, they’ll be able to work in whatever languages are appropriate for the project at hand.





An All-in-One Solution

As a vigorous platform for cloud based project management, BrickControl is ready to become your complete solution. Instead of acquiring separate applications for estimation, cost analysis, progress monitoring and billing, trust in BrickContol to handle all elements admirably. Don’t expend your valuable resources in getting extraneous software.


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Everything you need to manage your project

Brickcontrol: Software for architectural studies and the management of construction projects

Create budgets 
and import price data. 
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Software for managing job tasks and construction projects

Plan your projects
and control certifications.
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Software that manages the processing of projects and tasks.  The BrickControl program specializes in builders and architects.

Measure the project's progress
and allocate expenses.
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Software that controls costs and discrepancies of your job tasks and construction projects

Analyze discrepancies
from the control panel.
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