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Additional services

Our services vary from training to custom development solutions. We offer what you need!


Silver Support

Get answers to basic questions about BrickControl’s features or accessibility by creating online support tickets.


Gold Support

Get answers to complex questions that require a senior consultant or a remote access connection by a specialist using our web or phone support.

20% of the subscription price (minimum 30 €/month)

Online Training

This service offers personalized online training for BrickControl.
The training will be provided by expert consultants in BrickControl.

(Offered in English or Spanish)

60 BrickPoints/Hour

On-site Training

This service provides customized classroom training at customer locations for BrickControl.
The training will be provided by expert consultants in BrickControl.

(Offered in English or Spanish)

900 BrickPoints / day + travel expenses and accommodation (8 training hours / day)



Regardless of the continuing evolution of BrickControl, if you need to add some special feature, it is possible to do this through this service.
BrickControl reserves the right to accept your request.

60 BrickPoints/Hour

Development suggestions

BrickControl offers a suggestion manager console for new developments. Our goal is to develop for free, the largest possible number of suggestions that are sent to us.
The suggestions with the highest amount of votes will be taken into consideration, so we encourage all users to enter our suggestion website and add or vote the suggestions that are more appealing or more interesting to them.

0 BrickPoints


Backup Download

Daily backups are generated in the DataCenter at no cost. If you want to download onto your computer one of these backups can be done through this service. This service is not available for free as each backup is downloaded to our servers and this generates a high processing load and data transfer.

5 BrickPoints / Copy

Install BrickControl on your servers

With BrickControl, you don’t need to have servers. Still, if you wish, we can install BrickControl on your server free of charge for a minimum of 3 users with annual subscriptions. Installation is free, but if we have to later intervene on your server for any reason, the price is of 35 BrickPoints for each intervention..

Free (for clients with 3 annual users)


BrickPoints is currency that is purchased in order to access any of our services.
1 BrickPoint = 1 EUR
1 BrickPoint = 1,30 USD 
Get in touch with our support department and they will show you how to buy BrickPoints.