Advantages of the new BrickControl interface


The first screens of the new BrickControl interface are now available! In this article we want to explain the main advantages of this new interface. We have worked hard and we are still working so we can release this interface with the highest quality and the latest technologies. We will be releasing new screens throughtout this 2019 in order to improve and finish the new interface.


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Nueva interfaz html5 BrickControl

Compatible con Mac, Windows, IOS y android



Supported by all browsers

The new interface is compatible with the latest versions of the best browsers on the market: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge … It is not necessary to install any plugin in the browser to use it because all the interface is html5 / css3 / javascript.






Multi platform

Until now BrickControl was compatible with Windows and Mac. With the new interface in addition to Windows and Mac you can also use BrickControl in Linux, Chromium OS, IOS, Android and any compatible operating system with html5 / css3 / javascript.

Work from your mobile and Tablet

Brickcontrol is now responsive and automatically adapts to the size of your screen, from a small screen phone to the latest model of the iPad Pro with a keyboard in the case. The BrickControl apps are also available shortly in the Google Play and App Store stores.







We have worked hard to make the interface speed as high as possible. This aspect has been greatly improved thanks to the use of latest technologies on the market. The speed is faster than even locally installed applications.

Easy to use

Not only have we changed the interface, we have also improved the screens to give maximum functionality and easy to the user. For example, now the image viewer is much better, if you enter a client from your mobile you can see how to reach the client in Google Maps, call him, send him an email … Also the construction workers themselves can add the worked hours to the program with their mobile phone daily.







The new interface of BrickControl is developed with the latest technology on the market, taking advantage of the latest updates about most popular browsers to give maximum power and speed to the interface. We hope you like it!

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