Building Cost Estimator for Your Construction Assignments


Building cost estimator is one of the most desirable features of the BrickControl software suite. When pitching for new business or trying to understand how much projected construction work will cost, you’ll find this tool quite useful regardless of the size of the job or the specific elements involved.

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Building Cost Estimator for Your Construction AssignmentsBrickControl is compatible with mac, ios, windows and android


Speedy Results

You shouldn’t have to fiddle around for countless hours when creating your estimates. With BrickControl’s building cost estimator, you can cut down on the time you spend crafting your proposals. This will let you make accurate projections without diverting your time from other important business matters.




Nested Building Cost Estimator Levels

Complex projects can make it difficult to get a good handle on the total expenses you’ll incur. BrickControl contains a powerful multi-level interface that lets you easily organize the different components of your estimates. Now you can achieve price clarity no matter how sophisticated your operations are.

Import Your Data From Excel

BrickControl is compatible with Microsoft Excel, so you can import your existing estimates and continue working on them. Instead of making do with general-purpose spreadsheets, switch over to BrickControl’s clean, crisp presentation of the details of your estimates. Updating and altering your estimates has never been simpler.





Price Databases

Store your prices within databases so that you can refer back to them whenever necessary. Copy and paste makes it a piece of cake to work with the most up-to-date pricing available whenever you use BrickControl. Add, modify and delete your databases as required.

Custom Estimate Printing

With the building cost estimator included with your license of BrickControl, you can generate hard copies of your estimates using whatever format you deem appropriate. Customizable document templates allow you to arrange information in an appealing, coordinated way depending on the exact nature of your specific assignment.





Comprehensive Project Management Features

Of course, your estimates will come into play pretty early during the project life-cycle. As you make progress toward your objectives, you’ll be able to utilize the advanced capabilities of Brick Control to their fullest. Keep apprised of cost deviations, percentage completion, employees’ hours worked and more.

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Everything you need to manage your project.


Brickcontrol: Software for architectural studies and the management of construction projects


Software that controls costs and discrepancies of your job tasks and construction projects


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