Building Estimator in BrickControl Expedites Accurate Forecasting


Building estimator functionality in the BrickControl software suite enables construction firms, architects, foremen and others involved in building projects to understand what their costs will be. This facilitates informed planning and allows every stakeholder to gain a better perspective on the resources required to accomplish the stated objectives on every assignment.

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Building Estimator in BrickControl Expedites Accurate ForecastingBrickControl is compatible with mac, ios, windows and android



Multi-Level Structures Available

Every construction job is unique, so it’s important to be able to lay out all elements in the way that makes the most sense for any particular case. With the BrickControl construction management software, you can separate the individual components of your projects into as many levels as are required to create sensible estimates.




Powerful Pricing Abilities

After using the building estimator feature in BrickControl to get an idea of the relevant costs, you can have it automatically come up with the final sale prices. Choose to apply a uniform percentage markup or enter more sophisticated formulas so that you get prices custom-tailored to the needs of your organization.

As Fine a Resolution As Desired

Sometimes, all you want for the purposes of construction estimating is a final, overall number. At other times, it may be more prudent to list each item separately. With BrickControl, you can present your estimates in as much or as little detail as is appropriate.





Building Estimator Is Just a Start

After exploring the potent estimate-related features of BrickControl, you may be interested in the many other functions the software includes. You can work with timesheets, invoices and other records of your expenditures and assign the costs to the relevant project. None of your paperwork will ever be misplaced again.

Gauge Your Performance Against Expectations

Those who have begun to use the BrickControl remodeling software package appreciate the fact that it enables them to control the financial performance of their companies. As your projects progress toward their conclusions, you can readily pinpoint areas in which your actual expenses exceeded your predictions. Then take steps to redress the situation.





Compatible With Different Currencies

Whether you denominate your operations in pounds, euros, dollars or some other unit, you’ll be pleased to note that the BrickControl building estimator can handle multiple forms of money. Converting between them is no problem, so you can partner with vendors and clients around the globe.

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