7 01, 2020

Configure access to BrickControl from Mac Catalina

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Install the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" app from the App Store on your mac:         Open the app "Microsoft Remote Desktop" Click + and then add remote resources (Instead of remote resources the name could be Feeds or Apps, it's all the same)                           Enter the following information for the remote resource / feed / app: Source URL: Username: brickcontrol Password: brickcontrol Click on [...]

15 04, 2019

Advantages of the new BrickControl interface

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  The first screens of the new BrickControl interface are now available! In this article we want to explain the main advantages of this new interface. We have worked hard and we are still working so we can release this interface with the highest quality and the latest technologies. We will be releasing new screens throughtout this 2019 in order to improve and finish the new interface.       Supported by [...]