Cloud Based Project Management Software: BrickControl Is Here


Cloud based project management software ushers in a new era of 24/7 availability and robust security for contractors and other construction professionals. BrickControl requires no massive downloads, no annoying patches and no local storage. It runs under Windows, Mac and almost every other operating system.

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Cloud Based Project Management Software: BrickControl Is HereBrickControl is compatible with mac, ios, windows and android



All-in-One, Cloud Based Project Management Software

You won’t have to purchase separate applications to handle estimates, billing, timelines and the other elements of your building or remodeling operations. BrickControl contains functionality that makes running all your endeavors painless and hassle-free whether you use a Mac, Windows system or some other equipment. Cut down on the time you spend transferring files.




Estimates for Assignments of Any Size

With the building estimator contained in the BrickControl cloud based project management software, you have no reason to tear your hair out. Easily compute the total costs of your jobs by selecting individual items and seeing what the sum is.

Grasp the Power of the Cloud

As a cutting-edge, cloud based project management software package, BrickControl uses the latest advances in computing technology. You can access your documents and projects from wherever you are using your iPad, iPhone, Android or other mobile device. This platform independence means that BrickControl is the answer if you seek construction software for Mac.





Logical Expense Tracking

Because of the innovative expensing features of BrickControl, you can see exactly where your money is going even if you have hundreds or thousands of separate entries to consider. Group all the expenses of each individual project together so that you don’t get overwhelmed by small details.

Easy Workforce and Invoice Management

Staying on top of the work your employees do and the hours you bill your clients has never been more painless. Effortlessly gather all the figures and then view them clearly in timesheets, sales invoices and other accurate documents. You can integrate BrickControl with your accounting software, making receivables and collections a breeze.





Improve Your Margins by Analyzing Costs

No matter how foresighted you are, there are bound to be excessive costs in some of your activities. When you use BrickControl as your contractor software, you have the opportunity to perform cost deviation investigations and find out where you spent too many resources and why.

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Everything you need to manage your project.


Brickcontrol: Software for architectural studies and the management of construction projects


Software that controls costs and discrepancies of your job tasks and construction projects


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