Construction Management Software BrickControl: a Sensible Choice


Construction management software allows you to effortlessly and efficiently manage your projects because it frees you from the need to deal with mountains of papers. The features contained in BrickControl are informed by the experiences of a company that has been running since 1981, so they have been refined to a high degree of perfection.

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Construction Management Software BrickControl: a Sensible ChoiceBrickControl is compatible with mac, ios, windows and android



Monitor All Stages of Your Work

From initial planning and material acquisition all the way through to project completion and client invoicing, BrickControl is appropriate for virtually every phase of your assignments. Rather than tackling everything piece by piece, you have to power to observe and make changes within a single versatile interface.




Gather Your Takeoff Requirements

Whether your project is small or extensive, the BrickControl construction management software aids you in getting ready for takeoff. After you enter the details of your design online, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of all the supplies and machinery required. Now you can prepare thoroughly for whatever lies ahead.

Pain-Free Billing

Many people who are passionate about construction are less than enthused about the money-related paperwork that surrounds it. With BrickControl construction estimate software, you can have the system automatically calculate the right amount to charge your clients. Focus on what you care about, and let construction management software worry about the bills.





Organize Your Expenses

There are many types of resources that you’ll need to successfully conclude your assignments, including labor, materials and perhaps equipment rentals. Use the sophisticated capabilities of the BrickControl home builder software suite to keep purchase invoices, timesheets and all other records associated with the correct project for stress-free tracking of expenditures.

Construction Management Software Provides Financial Info

Remembering hundreds or thousands of prices and payments is more than almost any human being can do alone. Fortunately, BrickControl lets you add up all the numbers and see how revenues stack up against expenses. No more uncertainty as to how much you made or lost on any given venture.





Act Against Cost Deviations

Your best plans and projections might not safeguard you against the unexpected troubles that arise when reality makes its presence known. Whenever any part of your work runs more expensive than anticipated, BrickControl contractor software will allow you to find out what went wrong and how to prevent it from recurring.

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Everything you need to manage your project.


Brickcontrol: Software for architectural studies and the management of construction projects


Software that controls costs and discrepancies of your job tasks and construction projects


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