Do you know the new html5 interface from BrickControl?

//Do you know the new html5 interface from BrickControl?

Do you know the new html5 interface from BrickControl?

BrickControl technical team has been working for over a year and a half on a new interface that will be compatible with the latest versions of all major browsers on the market such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari…

  • Technology: In this new version we have removed the Silverlight plugin and is being developed with the latest web development technology: html5/css3/Angular (latest version)
  • Responsive and multi-device: In addition this new version will be Responsive and fully compatible with all modern devices on the market: iPhone, iPad, Android (mobile and phone), Mac, Windows, Linux…
  • App Store and Google Play: The BrickControl app will also be available in the App Store and Google Play stores.

Here you can see some screen of how our new interface is going, we are working very hard and hope you like it. (The design is not yet 100% finished, below we show you different styles of the interface and each person will be able to work with more simple or more colorful styles as they like).

Computer/tablet interface







Mobile Interface


When will this new version of the network be available?

  • First version: Our goal is to release a first version before the end of 2018 in which the first screens will be available: Customers, Suppliers, Companies, Employees, Projects, Timesheets and many of the BrickControl Reports.
    Regardless of the indicative date we have, our main goal is that the new interface has maximum quality. This is much more important for us than if the new version is 3 months before or after, so we will devote 120% of effort to get it to production as soon as possible, but always prioritizing quality before the release date.
  • Next versions: Throughout 2019 we will publish new versions by adding new screens until the interface is completely migrated.
  • Compatibility: Both interfaces will be compatible, so that one or the other can be used interchangeably until the migration is complete.
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