Estimate Software Package BrickControl Enables Superior Planning


Estimate software certainly has a place within every construction company because you can only proceed with confidence when you have some measure of pricing security. It can take quite a while to come up with accurate estimates the old-fashioned way, particularly on large projects, but BrickControl makes the entire process easy and uncomplicated.

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Estimate Software Package BrickControl Enables Superior PlanningBrickControl is compatible with mac, ios, windows and android



Quick and Efficient Estimating

The building cost estimator is one of the most useful functions in BrickControl because it’s relevant to virtually every assignment you could be called upon to undertake. It works quickly and thoroughly, so it lets you save time when creating estimates without compromising on quality.




Customized Budgeting

Any good estimate software includes the ability to generate budgets for your projects, and BrickControl does so in a seamless way. Each organization has its own particular needs and idiosyncrasies, so you can use personalized templates to present the information in whatever format your co-workers and clients prefer.

Automatic Project Certification

By entering all your project data and progress into the BrickControl building software suite, you can certify the completion of the entire assignment or various portions thereof. This makes billing, invoicing and other client-oriented tasks a cinch because you’re able to show customers exactly what you’ve accomplished.





Work in Your Language

BrickControl’s development team has taken steps to ensure that it can be used equally proficiently by people around the world. Choose from among the supported languages so that you and your team don’t have to learn another tongue to unlock your full potential. This cloud based project management solution also works with multiple currencies.

Estimate Software and More

The capacity to produce thoughtful estimates is only the beginning of what’s possible with BrickControl. Manage your workforce, stay on top of your execution, bill your clients and more from within a single software system. You have control of your jobs from start to finish.





Comprehensive Cost Deviation Analysis Features

No matter how carefully you’ve prepared by utilizing dependable estimate software for planning out your work, there are bound to be items that cost more than you had hoped. Use BrickControl to identify the wasteful aspects of your projects so that you can do better in future or even adjust your current course midstream.

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Everything you need to manage your project.


Brickcontrol: Software for architectural studies and the management of construction projects


Software that controls costs and discrepancies of your job tasks and construction projects


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