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Jesús Martín González Ruiz S.L. speaks about BrickControl

Thanks to BrickControl technology, we can now work from anywhere and from any device.

Jesús Martín González – Jesús Martín González Ruiz S.L.


Jesús Martín González Ruiz is a company where we dedicate ourselves to the implementation of projects and restoration.

We have decided to start working with BrickControl due to its ease of use. Prior to adopting BrickControl, we used to work with another program that was very complicated to use and slowed down our productivity. Since we have started using BrickControl, we have found it to be very intuitive and easy to use, and as a result we have increased our efficiency.

We also consider technology quite important; using cloud software gives us many advantages such as being able to work from any place and any device with the consequent advantage of performing the tasks even from the work itself.