Inelmec’s review of BrickControl

BrickControl has helped us significantly improve the development of collaborative work and allows us to easily manage deviations in our projects.

Mario Sandoval – Inelmec S.A. –

Inelmec is an engineering corporation oriented to the automation of the control of industrial processes.

Since we have started to use BrickControl we have significantly improved our project management. Among all the improvements we can highlight the following:

– BrickControl has allowed us to notably improve the development of collaborative work by enabling us to create a budget and having many people working on it simultaneously, while, at the same time, other team members are handling the planning.

– Due to BrickControl’s easy to use interface people without specialized knowledge were able to use the software efficiently.

– BrickControl allows users to create custom-made reports very easily through it’s API. Thanks to this feature we create ourselves all the personalized reports that we need in a very easy way.

– Now we have a total control of our business through the cost analysis tool. This allows us to check deviations in each project and identify the issue in order to solve it as soon as possible. In the past, we didn’t know weather the project had produced revenue and profits or not until the project was fully completed.