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Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as Software OnDemand, is a software distribution model that allows access online (generally through the internet) and centralizes maintenance, support and technical operations. Applications distributed as Saas are available to any company regardless of size and location. The user pays per use, for the needed infrastructure (DataCenter, computers, storage, security, etc) for the correct operation and for maintenance (updates, bug fixes, needed storage, etc) of the infrastructure and application. This model provides companies of a complete solution that allows them to optimize costs and resources.
Cloud computing is a style of computing where information technologies are provided as a service. These services are located in data centers (cloud or clouds) allowing users to access those services even if they don’t have the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to maintain this service. It is a general concept that incorporates software as a service. For instance, many recent Web 2.0 services use this technology, which only requires users to have an internet connection to gain access to the service. A very clear example is Google Apps, which provides online business applications that can be accessed from a web browser, with both software and data being stored in Google’s servers.
Your data is stored in Amazon Datacenters, located throughout the world to ensure maximum security. You can get more information about Amazon’s data centers in the following website:
Yes. Your data is very safe. On top of our Datacenters offering the best security measures available, we have a team of experts on site 24/7 monitoring your data.
Yes, you can get a backup of your data. This service has a small additional cost (see service area). This is due to high data transfer needed to download a backup.
We have multiple devices which specialize in different tasks: Load Balancers, Web Servers, Database Servers, Storage Media. This design is easily scalable, which means that in a matter of minutes we can accommodate your growth without interrupting your work. BrickControl provides a complete infrastructure solution, so you do not have to invest in it and can focus solely on your business.
Browser: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Google Chrome / Safari / Opera * You must have an internet connection * Operating Systems: Windows / Mac OS X / IOS (iPhone – iPad) / Android / Windows Phone 8
You define users and permissions for each user through BrickControl´s Security configuration tool.
BrickControl offers maximum availability thanks to the DataCenter´s structure. This infrastructure provides redundancy mechanisms that ensure the service´s functionality.
Yes, the scalability of BrickControl is guaranteed thanks to its easily scalable infrastructure, adding new web servers and database servers based on demand. This ensures that you can add all the users and the volume of information you want without worrying about performance or storage. Our DataCenter is responsible for managing this growth.
You can access BrickControl anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. For example, you have an office in Tokio, an office in New York and an office in London. At the same time, you have employees travelling all over the world. Everyone, regardless of location, can acces BrickControl as long as they have an internet connection, and access the same data simultaneously and in real time.
Brickcontrol is updates automatically. Each time you access the application, you are automatically logging into the newest version available.
David Coursey made ??an excellent summary of the business management software history: At first software was delivered on floppy disks; afterwards in CDs and later on by downloads. The common feature for all types of software was that it had to be installed in a computer. The software of tomorrow will be different as more and more applications will no longer be in a CD and will start to be delivered as a service. The world’s main software manufacturers are already working with the SaaS model. Some examples are: * Google Apps * Microsoft Azure * Salesforce. Some of the most important companies in the world are also shifting to SaaS: According to a survey conducted by international advisory firm Gartner ( with 258 highly qualified professionals directly related to the purchase of business software in the largest companies of the 8 most important countries in the world, approximately 90% of the subjects signaled that they expect to maintain or increase the use of SaaS, citing as reasons the cost-effectiveness and the ease and speed of deployment. More than a third (37%) of the subjects indicated plans to change from “traditional” software to SaaS. In Asia, this percentage reaches 50%, and in India, 70%. For more information about this survey:
Yes, BrickControl provides ways for integration with external solutions. Examples of products which integrates BrickControl: SAP R/3 Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics Navision – Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Oracle e-Business PeopleSoft Enterprise JD Edwards