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Schedule interim certificates & Progress Payments

BrickControl allows you to easily create work certificates and generate invoices so that you can send them to your client.

Certifications are generated automatically, making the management process easier, so that you can meet deadlines in accordance with the agreed terms.

Schedule interim certificates
Software screen for Construction Site Certifications

Keep work certifications up to date

Deliver certifications to your customers in a simple and professional way. Our system streamlines work progress payment certifications, automating the process according to the work schedule and allowing convenient client billing.

Just as needed, you can issue partial, final, and month-to-month work certifications.

Keep work certifications up to date
Generate work certifications with just one click

Generate work certifications with just one click

Automate the certification of your construction works and forget about complex calculations. By indicating the building units or advanced percentage, BrickControl calculates the payment certificate to be issued.

Customizable templates for work certifications

Print work certificates for all your construction works. These templates can be modified as you need, in order for you to present them to your clients in the most suitable way.

Customizable templates

BrickControl allows you to generate work certifications by percentages. Therefore, you will also be able to certify the milestones previously defined in the contract.

Get the work certifications from origin and by period.

Do you want to make a certification of work at origin in an agile way? Certifications are generated from origin and by period to make them easier to read.

Get the work certifications from origin and by period.
Work certifications

Measurements and work certifications fo be issued

The progress percentage of the tasks indicated as part of the interim certificate may be higher or lower than those actually executed.

Print your final certification sheet using templates, and get a summary by chapter including the increases or reductions you have established.

Streamline your processes and automatically generate the invoice for each approved certification.

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