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CRM Software for construction companies

With BrickControl’s Construction CRM, you can manage the entire business cycle with your customers. You will be able to follow-up on business opportunities associated with each lead and contact of your construction venture.

BrickControl CRM is a management tool for construction sales and business. Keep a detailed record of prospect leads, both pre-sales and post-sales. Our Customer Relationship Management software helps you to keep track of the company’s sales representatives, as well as architects, engineers, and other project stakeholders.

CRM for construction companies. Sales & Customer Management
BrickControl's CRM software interface for construction companies, for detailed management of each client's cycle.

Customer management software for the construction industry

Keep all of your clients’ commercial information in one unique web platform. Understand and follow up on your prospects’ business cycle and sales opportunities and foster better business relationships for your construction & building company. Nowadays, about 4% of CRM software is implemented by construction companies and builders.

CRM platform for construction and building companies
Commercial management software for construction business

Lead management software for construction companies

BrickControl CRM improves organization and collaboration among your construction company’s sales representatives. Access all your customer and prospect business insights in a complete digital solution. Track your clients’ lifecycle and generate new business leads.

Streamline sales and post-sales services for your customers

Our Construction CRM app helps sales teams to better interact with each customer and client. A better customer experience means new deals and building contracts, increased client loyalty, and more word-of-mouth referrals. With BrickControl CRM you will be able to attach image files and documents related to each client, maximizing each cycle of your business opportunities in the building industry.

Sales and post-sales follow-up for companies in the construction sector.

BrickControl CRM streamlines all your business processes in the construction industry. Have all your lead generation and sales insights in one single cloud-based solution. Keep construction contracts organized, and new business opportunities coming, with our complete Customer Management solution for builders. It includes all customer-facing interactions, such as scheduling appointments, meetings, and customer service requests.

A complete sales and lead management platform for construction companies. Features registration, deregistration, and updates of commercial projects.

Generate new leads in the construction industry

Generate new leads and optimize your construction company’s entire business lifecycle in a single CRM platform. Access complete business tracking reports using our comprehensive sales management dashboards. Contact tracking, contract management, sales analytics tools, commercial forecasting, and more.

Personalized updates for customer life cyle follow-up

Our sales management software lets your commercial team keep track of everything agreed with each client, in addition to registering business contacts and representatives for each company they are working with. Manage registrations, cancellations, and detailed information about the care and services requested.

An integrated and comprehensive customer management platform for the construction industry.
Commercial managers follow up on each construction project.

Manage your construction company’s business contacts

From the contacts screen, you will be able to access all customer information related to the accounts. All business representatives involved in the processes of a construction project can be created as contacts and tracked accordingly.

Construction CRM with sales automation features

BrickControl CRM automation features cover virtually all external aspects of the construction process. Track sales and get historical records of each business relationship with the client. Design effective marketing campaigns and implement new sales initiatives. Manages warranty processes

Construction CRM with sales automation features
Follow-up of construction company contracts.

Meet deadlines and stay within construction estimates

BrickControl CRM helps construction companies organize, schedule and plan workflows. This helps to ensure that deadlines are met.

Integrate your business and sales cycle with your collaborators’ work in the construction field. Get full customer care coordination with construction progress reports.

Sales opportunities

Construction CRMs have great value as a sales tool, especially for attracting potential new business. They help construction contractors know what type of customer they are dealing with and what service they are likely to be interested in.

Generation of new sales opportunities for companies and clients.

Improve your business relationship with your clients with detailed contact records and access to commercial insights.

Track customer information, sales performance data, leads, and opportunities.

Improve your business relationship with your clients with detailed contact records and access to commercial insights.

Track customer information, sales performance data, leads, and opportunities.

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