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Easily create schedules for your projects, check their progress, and issue certifications. Take pictures with your mobile phone, upload them to BrickControl, and share them with anyone you want.


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BrickControl: Software for builders and architects that allows managing the development of construction projects.


Planning – Gantt

BrickControl automatically creates a Gantt chart for the project’s schedule based on the structure of the budget. You provide the start and end dates or the duration of the tasks to be performed and BrickControl will calculate the overall duration of the project. You will be able to visualize the project’s critical paths and see the resources associated with each task. The schedule will be automatically updated to reflect the progress of your project.

Brickcontrol: Software planning – Gantt.  Allows automatic planning of your tasks and construction projects.


Project Progress

Verifying the current state of a project at a given moment is very easy with BrickControl’s Progress Monitor. For each project, you can create as many Progress Monitors as you want, using any periodicity. Progress can be displayed by units, percentage, or measurement lines. With Progress Monitors, you will be able to measure deviations in an easy and effective way.


BrickControl: Software for managing the activities and progress of your construction projects and tasks


Pictures from your mobile phone

Take pictures with your mobile phone and immediately upload them to BrickControl. Your colleagues at the office will be able to see them instantly. If you want, you can also share them with your clients. Information will flow more quickly and your projects will progress faster.

BrickControl: Software that lets you take snapshots of your tasks and projects from your mobile phone and upload them to the cloud.


Project Certification

With BrickControl, you will be able to bill your client for the execution of your project in an efficient and easy way. Interim payment certificates can be generated based on the work that has been completed (using the Progress Monitor as a basis). They can also be created manually, by modifying the work that is set as complete on BrickControl. Certification can be done by units, percentage, or measurement lines.

BrickControl: Software of tasks that lets one, by way of procedural measures, automatically perform bill certifications


Sales Invoices

By issuing sales invoices, project revenues can be easily assigned to their respective projects. You can also generate quotations for clients automatically, and produce a detailed sales report for each of the projects. Sales invoices can be issued in any currency and you can also choose the print format that best suits your needs.

BrickControl: Software that lets builders and architects send bills to clients


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Software for managing job tasks and construction projects

Create budgets and
import price data.
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Software that manages the processing of projects and tasks.  The BrickControl program specializes in builders and architects.

Measure the project’s progress
and allocate expenses.
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Software that controls costs and discrepancies of your job tasks and construction projects

Analyze discrepancies
from the control panel.
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