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Designed for departments that deal with project management.

Efficiently manage the day-to-day activities of your construction project.






Get all the resources you need for your project automatically.

BrickControl automatically analyzes the budget and calculates all resources that you need to carry out the project. This way, your negotiation with suppliers will be much easier.





Do the departments in your company speak to each other?

Never again will you ask that question. With BrickControl all departments of your company will be linked and will share the same information. So you can manage the entire cycle of your projects in a single product.



Relate forecasting and reality

Assign each cost (receipts, time sheets…) to their respective project. If you want to go deeper, BrickControl allows you to link the cost to any level of the project and invoice line.





Do you know how much to charge a client?

With its project status report, BrickControl automatically computes how much you should charge your clients, letting you customize how your invoice will be printed.


Customers and suppliers always with you

Save information from your customers / suppliers, update and access it whenever and wherever you want.




Compare prices among your suppliers.

You can check the price of each article at each of your suppliers. Information is power in negotiation!


BrickControl integrates with other products

If you like using BrickControl to manage your construction projects but you want to continue working with the financial product you already have, don´t worry! Integrate your financial programs using our API.




Easily manage your warehouses

BrickControl automatically manages all of your warehouses on a company, company branch, or project level. You can easily move goods among warehouses and construction sites.


For companies that work in the execution of a construction project

(construction companies, engineering companies, or construction services companies)

we recommend the BUSINESS edition

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Do you study projects?

Create budgets and study your project’s documents.

Do you manage projects?

Automate planning, analyze construction progress…

Do you supervise projects?

Manage project deviations.