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Designed for architects, engineers, and builders

BrickControl makes your life simple while increasing your productivity





Save time – Be efficient

Copy and paste the parts that interest you from an existing estimate or price database into a new one, the rest will be a breeze! You can also import and export from / to other programs.




Work on your projects work anywhere.

The problem of sending a budget by e-mail and not knowing whether it is the latest version is over. With BrickControl, everyone works with the latest version of the budget from wherever they may be.


Everything in its place

Attach all the documents (images, CAD files, files, documents…) in the appropriate place (projects, budgets, customers, suppliers…). You won´t go crazy anymore searching through endless piles of papers or in different folders and you can access them from anywhere.







Access your projects from your tablet or mobile phone.

Access your projects from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet. Every modification in the project will instantly appear on your mobile device.


Cooperation without frontiers and in real time

Work with others in the same estimate at the same time, even from different countries, and all will see the changes instantly.




Share your projects with your clients

BrickControl lets your clients access your projects so that they can see the up-to-date information without you having to periodically send them reports. Everybody wins! The client is more satisfied, and you have less work.


Customize to your taste the presentation of documents

Easily edit your templates with a word processor to customize your budgets (logo, colors, format…)



For professionals who need to study projects

(architects, engineers, decorators…)

we recommend the STARTER edition.

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Do you manage projects?

Automate planning, analyze construction progress…

Do you execute projects?

Manage the day-to-day activities of the construction

Do you supervise projects?

Manage project deviations.