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With BrickControl, Universities and Training Centres can train their students with the “state of the art” completely free!



What should I do in order to get the BrickControl Educational Edition for free?

  • Place a link on the website of the college or training center into BrickControl web page similar to the following:

Software BrickControl – Construction Program for construction business management and works

 What are the benefits of having the free BrickControl Educational Edition?

  • All features of BrickControl for 20 students + teacher.
  • Silver Support.
  • Every 6 months data is erased and you start with a new database. (You can choose the two days of the year that will erase all data and will begin with a new database).

I can get BrickControl for more students?

Universities and training centers can buy a version of BrickControl with the following features:

  • Unlimited users for students of universities or training centers..
  • The data is not cleared (unless the college or training center prompted).
  • Online Training Course 4 hours for teachers.
  • The teacher will support Gold to answer any questions you have about BrickControl.

The service charge is 2500 EUR / year or 3000 USD / year

 And when students finish school?

  • Thanks to your college or training center your students who complete their studies can buy BrickControl with 50% discount for the first year.
  • To get the discount for your students, you should put a link on your website like this:

50% off Software BrickControl – Construction Program for construction business management and works.



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