Install BrickControl ERP on your Mac computer

BrickControl’s solution for construction and building is compatible with all Apple computers. Need more info? Here you will quickly find out how to install our ERP software on your Mac.

Follow this step-by-step guide and start using our ERP for builders on your Macbook, iMac, and all Apple computers.

Option 1: Access from a remote app

Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store on your mac:

After this, open the newly installed app “Microsoft Remote Desktop”.

Click on “Workspaces”.

Click on the + button and then on “Add Workspace”.

At this point, you will need to complete the following information:

Workspace URL:

User account -> Add user account

Username: xxxxxxxxx

Password:  xxxxxxxxx

Friendly name: brickcontrol

Note: Request your username and password to our support:

Click on “Add”.

After this, you will see a new “BrickControl” icon in your Workspaces screen. Click on this new icon to run the process and access BrickControl.

Start BrickControl ERP once configured on a Mac

To access BrickControl again, simply follow these steps:

Open the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app

Click on “Workspaces”.

Double click on the “BrickControl” icon.

Configuration for uploading files, importing data

To import or upload files you must do the following:

Open the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app

In the Microsoft Remote Desktop Menu, click on -> Preferences

As you can see in the following screenshot, below the text “If folder redirection is enabled for RDP files or managed resources, redirect”.

Click at the bottom, where the word “Nothing” appears, -> Choose Folder -> And select the local folder on your computer that you want to configure as your preferred folder for uploading files. For example: “Documents” -> Choose -> Then, close preferences.

Please, make sure that you always place the files you want to upload or import inside this specified folder. This way you will be able to select this same folder from the BrickControl App.

How to upload files, import data on Mac

After you have configured the previous step and enabled file uploads, you will have to do the following:

Go to the BrickControl screen where you want to upload or import your files.

Click on “Search”.

If you happen to get an error message, this means that you do not have access to folder assigned to you by default on login. Just click on accept the message and continue with the next step, as this is not really an issue.

After this, click on the options This PC -> Redirect drives and folders -> Double click on “Documents on computer” (the name of this option may change, depending on the folder you had previously set up). After this, should be able to view the files in your shared folder on your mac. Simply select it and it will upload or import the files.

Option 2: Using Parallels Desktop in Coherence Mode

If you own any version of Parallels Desktop, you can install Brickcontrol in the Parallels windows virtual machine with the following setup:

After this, you will need to activate the Parallels Coherence Mode by clicking on the blue button, as shown below:

Starting from that moment, the virtual machine will be hidden and wont appear on your screen Also, you will see a Mac icon with the Windows 11 logo at the bottom of your screen, in the task bar: if you click on it, you will find the BrickControl icon to open the BrickControl app, fully integrated in your mac.

The advantage of this second option is that the app runs locally. This is always faster than the first option, which connects to the app remotely.

As Mac has removed the silverlight plugin and java from their operations systems, this is the proper way of running the BrickControl software on Apple computers. In a few months, our new html5 interface is fully implemented, you will be able to run BrickControl in Safari or any browser directly on your mac.

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