BrickControl: one of the best smart home solution in 2022

Insights Success  has identified BrickControl as the Construction Project software that makes management easier in early 2022.

BrickControl: Reasons why it was ranked as one of the top 10 best performing smart home solution providers in 2022

BrickControl was created with the ideal of guaranteeing ease and efficiency in the management of construction sites. SHM created it more than 20 years ago with the objective of renewing it to keep it as a leading solution in the sector.

Total Construction Project Management System Made Easy and Efficient

Among BrickControl’s top-level functionalities, we can count these that represent great solutions for the management of its users’ construction projects:

BrickControl is a SaaS-based cloud solution that keeps up with a construction ERP system. It allows the total management of construction projects in an easy and efficient way and is therefore considered a Leading System in Construction Technology.

Main functions:

– Estimates, Project Progress Reports, Budget Management, Certifications, Cost Analysis, Access Control, Warehouse Management, Resource Management, Unit Price Management, Customer and Supplier Management, Document Management, Progress Control, Allocations, Deviations, Invoices; and more.

Main characteristics:

– No facilities or infrastructure payments. Just subscribe and log in.

– Developed with the latest HTML5 technology.

– Use of APIs to enhance business management and integrations.

– Multilanguage, multi-currency, multi-company, multi-user.

– Progressive Web Application System. (PWA).

– High capacity of integrations thanks to API REST technology.

– Exceptional capabilities as measurement software.

– Applicable to project versatility.


Integration with financial products such as SAP R/3 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as other types of applications with which BrickControl integrates, such as:

– Accounting software

– Quality and environment

– Help Desk

– Real estate, developer and asset management

In addition, BrickControl has a REST API that allows full integration with any other type of software.

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What authority does Insights Success have to rate BrickControl as the Construction Project software that makes it easier to manage.

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What is BrickControl preparing for 2022?

Providing customers with modern software

David Jiménes, CEO of BrickControl, anticipates strong growth in the construction software market. 

Many companies want to modernize their systems, the time is right and companies like BrickControl have been working for many years to provide customers with the modern software they need. 

BrickControl is preparing to meet the demand that will be experienced in the coming years. Depending on the country, it will also help its clients to obtain financial support for the digital transformation prepared in different countries.

It also aims to experience continuous growth and to continue to be a reliable and useful solution for its users, and a leading solution in the market.

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