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Construction Architects: how to spend more time designing

Supervising a construction project is a significant challenge for any architect. In addition to designing and planning the project, it is necessary to monitor and coordinate the work on-site to make sure that everything is being carried out as planned. However, these management tasks can be demanding and quite time-consuming for any architect.

How can construction architects optimize work monitoring on their construciton? In this article, we will present some key strategies to maximize your design and projection time through effective project monitoring. We will explore how you can better manage your tasks and deadlines, handle documents and plans, collaborate and communicate effectively with the on-site team, and manage and analyze progress data and reports, for effective cost control.

The main task of architects is the design and planning of projects. They create detailed plans, material specifications, and cost calculations. Efficient project management allows construction architects to dedicate more time to the design work.

Here, we will review some ways for construction architects to optimize project monitoring:

Agile Principles for Managing Architectural Plans

Architectural plans are an essential tool for building construction and often include detailed information about the structure, space distribution, electrical and plumbing systems, and other important details of the project. Architects are responsible for designing and developing these plans, often working closely with engineers and contractors to ensure that all project specifications are met.

The architect’s design work is intensive and does not end in the pre-construction planning phase. Their work is vital for modifications to plans, materials, and budgets, which will adjust the projected outcome to the actual final result of the construction.

In this sense, plans serve as a fundamental reference during the execution of the project, and it is crucial to streamline their distribution to the collaborating team. Managing plans and documentation in a digital platform saves time for construction architects that are supervising construction projects. By eliminating the need for them to be physically present on-site, they can perform their duties right from their architecture studio.

Remote access and digital control allow for reviewing plans and other relevant documents, making annotations, and communicating with other team members remotely. This improves collaboration among team members, as everyone has access to the same real-time updated documents. In summary, any possible errors and duplicated efforts are reduced, achieving effective and efficient project supervision.

If you want to read more about this topic, check out ERPs access control for project management features.

Maximizing Architectural Design through Task and Deadline Management

In architectural projects, task and deadline management refers to the planning and scheduling of activities required for designing and building the project. These activities include defining the design, acquiring materials, and hiring workers and also require supervising work in the construction field. All these activities must be carefully planned and carried out in a logical order.

To carry out effective task and deadline management, construction architects can use a variety of tools and techniques, such as creating task lists, assigning specific deadlines to each activity, and constantly monitoring progress. Effective supervision of architecture projects includes:

  • Designing Plans and keeping them updated
  • Approval of permits and licenses
  • Selection and hiring of contractors and subcontractors
  • inspections’ and Surveying Scheduling
  • Procurement of construction materials
  • Installation of lighting and ventilation systems

A particularly useful tool for task and deadline management are Gantt chart for construction, which allow visualizing the complete schedule of a project and monitoring of work progress and deadlines. This is one of the most valued project-tracking features valued by construction architects. With it, they have a detailed overview for real-time execution of construction design and progress tracking.

Agile management for your construction works.

Sustainability and Cost Control in Architectural Projects

It is also really important to make sure that the construction work can be performed seamlessly and sustainably in terms of time and money. This means that construction architects can have access to financial reports and monitor project costs in real-time.

How to supervise work on site while guaranteeing projected costs and quality? Automation of report generation and graphical visualization of project costs is one of the key factors. A comprehensive and specialized construction site management solution allows construction architects to prevent deviations in their construction works, while also optimizing the use of construction materials and human resources in order to reduce downtime on the construction site.

In conclusion, the use of project management tools and software, combined with effective communication and remote collaboration, makes teamwork easier and improves productivity as well as project”s overall quality. Optimizing project supervision is crucial for professional architects to devote their time to architectural design and creative problem-solving for project challenges.

BrickControl is a specific platform for all phases of construction projects that helps architects to manage their clients’ according to their needs, avoiding work overload and improving time management for creativity and planning. Would you like to learn more about construction project supervision? Check out here all the features that our software for architecture studios has for you.

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