Premio Corporate Vision 2022 al Mejor software de Gestión para Constructoras


Corporate Vision awards technology innovations for builders offered by BrickControl

The specialized business magazine Corporate Vision has awarded BrickControl as one of the best solutions for construction businesses. In its most recent edition one of the key news stories is how our ERP software streamlines the digital transformation of companies in the industry.

Corporate Vision, which usually covers business topics related to productivity, business trends, and technological impact, presented BrickControl as the best provider of Cloud-based solutions for the construction sector. The article highlights how our software provides construction companies with comprehensive project cycle management and the integration of various collaborating areas into a single platform, remotely.

BrickControl’s Business Director, David Jiménez Orte, explained to Corporate Vision what was the key that turned BrickControl into a comprehensive solution for the construction industry: the feedback from our clients. According to Jiménez Orte, the company’s vision for developing new solutions begins with this key factor:

Best Cloud-Based Construction Software Provider - 2022 Corporate Vision
Corporate Vision’s “Best Cloud-Based Software Vendor for Construction Management – 2022″ Award

“From the interactions with our clients, we learned which were the main aspects our software should focus on, to solve the main problems of construction projects, as well as the challenges related to information access, communication, and safety of each construction project”

David Jiménez Orte – Director
Corporate Vision: business magazine about BrickControl
BrickControl construction ERP was awarded by Corporate Vision.

Collaborative work and customizing developments for clients are fundamental to achieving successful solutions. As Corporate Vision details, managing complex construction projects requires the work of professionals specialized in the construction industry and remote connectivity, such as BrickControl.

The importance of full-cycle solutions in the construction industry 

As detailed in the business and entrepreneurship magazine, BrickControl offers a comprehensive solution for managing the entire construction cycle. BrickControl’s ERP software functionalities include Research and Planning, Execution of works, Purchasing and logistics, Project analysis and Administration for construction companies.

The advantages for streamlining business and automating processes in construction are two other differentials that Corporate Vision highlighted about BrickControl. Our software allows customers to make more informed and faster decisions at each stage of the construction project, respecting the schedule by obtaining work progress reports and keeping their construction projects within budget.

As BrickControl’s Director, Jiménez Orte, commented, “We expect user demand to increase in the coming years, and with this, our technology will continue improving. The use of digital tools is essential for managing any project.”

Cloud Connectivity for Remote Business and Projects 

The construction business world has changed a lot in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work. Because of this, construction companies need to have access to tools that allow them to work efficiently from any location.

BrickControl Responsive control panel
BrickControl’s construction business solutions are multi-device.

As a key factor, Corporate Vision has highlighted the experience and dedication of the specialists developing BrickControl. On this topic, David Jiménez Orte commented: “We have the advantage of having more than 12 years of experience developing Cloud solutions for the construction sector. This allows us to keep up with current market demands.”

The quality of the professional team behind BrickControl is one of the most relevant advantages that Corporate Vision Magazine has highlighted for business and entrepreneurial ventures.

In the following link, you can read the entire article about BrickControl published in Corporate Vision. You can also read here other reviews about BrickControl’s solutions and learn about our Awards and Recognitions.

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