Home Builder Software From BrickControl Contains Rich Features


Home builder software is proving its worth on all kinds of construction and building projects around the globe. If you’re eager to expand your capabilities without spending a fortune, then BrickControl could be exactly what you seek. It has been crafted by a seasoned team that understands the legitimate issues confronting contractors in the real world.

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Home Builder Software From BrickControl Contains Rich FeaturesBrickControl is compatible with mac, ios, windows and android



Cloud-Based Management

When you oversee your assignments through the cloud, you’ll be able to access information and make updates even if you’re away from your personal computer. Log into BrickControl from your office system or mobile phone when you’re traveling. This cloud based construction management software caters to your busy schedule.




Automatic Planning Abilities

Once you enter the structure of your projects into the BrickControl home builder software, it will create meticulous schedules and Gantt charts automatically. Using these comprehensive planning elements, you can promote the speedy and trouble-free completion of your work right from the word go.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Whether you employ BrickControl to assist you in new constructions or as a remodeling software solution on jobs involving existing buildings, it will help you keep costs down. Analyze every phase of your projects to see what areas cost more than you had expected and identify points to improve upon going forward.





Advanced Document Generation

No home builder software package is complete without the ability to create and print out appealing, accurate documents. Sales invoices, timesheets and estimates are just a few of the types of records you can produce and keep track of from within the convenient interfaces of BrickControl.

An International Home Builder Software System

Because BrickControl supports several languages and currencies, it’s well-equipped to meet your needs even if your organization does business across national frontiers. Display prices and lay out your documents in whatever language is most appropriate for your staff members, clients and other partners.





Make Your Data More Useful

The BrickControl contractor software incorporates a flexible API that enables you to work with your data in new, exciting ways. Pull together whatever info you need to populate insightful reports that can highlight aspects of your operations that you had not hitherto known about.

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Everything you need to manage your project.


Brickcontrol: Software for architectural studies and the management of construction projects


Software that controls costs and discrepancies of your job tasks and construction projects


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