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Concrete Contractor Management Software

Concrete Contractor Software Management

With BrickControl you can control all steps of the work process, from the construction formwork to concrete foundation pouring, in a simple and efficient way.

Monitoring in detail all work processes in concrete construction work and tasks, including scheduling, estimating, and accounting.

Check the work execution of the floor slab

Our software is prepared for scheduling and billing each of the tasks involved in working and building with concrete, such as the execution of a floor slab, including installation, formwork, and reinforcement.

Check the work execution of the floor slab
concrete structure contractors' budgeting

concrete structure contractors’ estimating solution

Schedule and perform concrete construction works including work certificates, according to your client’s specifications. Streamline estimating processes as well as concrete job costing during the execution stage. This way you can apply specific tasks and work tracking to each project.

Job monitoring for Concrete specialists & experts

Break down concrete construction work and projects into different kinds of information. Analyze and estimate square meters of the floor slab and concrete foundation works, into different tasks to define detailed costs. Specify independent tasks within the concrete job and cost budget: Formwork, iron installation, beam installation, vault installation, concrete pouring, as well as any other activities related to cement construction and craftsmanship.

Estimating for construction of concrete structures

Estimate and Schedule any concrete structure construction job, including Formwork and Reinforcement, Concrete Pouring, Finishing and Smoothing, Repair and Restoration.

Reinforced concrete Structures work Management

Manage the progress of concrete structures contractors in the construction development process. Our solution for concrete contractors offers special features such as Gantt Charts, image uploads, and notes that you can manage directly with your team.

Manage the construction of reinforced concrete structures.
Cost analysis and accounting for concrete contractors

Cost analysis and accounting for concrete contractors

Compare initial bid estimates with the concrete structure construction budget. With our contractor management tool, you can be prepared to manage change orders and re-scheduling as work progresses.

Concrete structure contractors and subcontractor hiring

Keep track of concrete contract management, estimating, re-hiring, and budget review of vendors and sub-contractors. This way you will make sure you get the best quality on-site, avoiding overbudgeting or any overtime estimating right from the start of the project.

Manage concrete structure contractors and subcontractor hirings

With BrickControl you will be able to oversee contractors’ structure’s work progress and finished details.

With BrickControl you will be able to oversee contractors’ structure’s work progress and finished details.

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Access to other features: Preconstruction and planning Construction Work Execution, Purchasing and Logistics Analysis and Administration