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Insights Success: BrickControl is the easiest and most efficient system for construction management

Insights Success, ranked as one of the best trade magazines   in the world, dedicated to providing reliable information to companies and entrepreneurs, has developed anarticle   in which lists BrickControl  as the easiest and most efficient system for the management of construction projects. 

Insights Success announces BrickControl as the easiest and most efficient system for construction project management.

The technology of the construction software BrickControl can automate several phases of the operations or projects of the construction company, covering a range of needs that make the work of professionals and companies involved in a project simpler and more transparent.

Customer-centric technology 

By relying on the multiple ways of offering customer service, BrickControl has managed to transpose all the difficulties and challenges of the construction industry, in solutions provided in the multiple functions of the software to facilitate the work of the end user. 

Factors that distinguish BrickControl from the competition in the construction sector 

BrickControl is a cloud-based web-based software for construction site management.It allows the creation of budgets with all the necessary structure, such as: chapters, items and units; certifications, planning through Gantt diagrams, orders, invoices, work reports, deviation control, warehouses and powerful multi-project indicators that can be managed in parallel in the software. 

It is developed with the latest technology that allows access from any location and navigation device. 

In addition, it allows the protection of information through a access control system that allows maintaining a completely controlled and secure environment.

 Additionally, makes use of one of the best datacenter in the world such as the servers of Amazon Web Services in Europe and United States to guarantee to all customers the special care of their data, so that the information is backed up instantly and can be accessed at any time. 

BrickControl is a software designed to manage construction projects of all sizes, from small remodeling or construction, to projects involving global teams, so we have features such as Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company and multi-user, in a very intuitive and easy to use platform. 

Key features that have led to the recognition of BrickControl as the easiest and most efficient system for the management of construction projects.

BrickControl is a SaaS solution On Cloud that integrates all the functionalities of a construction ERP. BrickControl allows total project management in an easy and efficient way. It is a leading system in construction technology.  

  • Main functions:

Estimates, Project Progress Reports, Budget Management, Certifications, Cost Analysis, Access Control, Warehouse Management, Resource Management, Unit Price Management, Customer and Supplier Management, Document Management, Progress Control, Assignments, Deviations, Invoices; and more. 

1- Project monitoring and progress 

BrickControl’s capabilities as a measurement software can cover any level of project detail, and this point has been of fundamental impact for user management.

BrickControl allows you to enter work progress measurements as easily as it is possible to record units of work executed by quantity, percentage or measurement lines in BrickControl. 

After the introduction of the project progress, cost deviations can be easily monitored and analyzed, to allow control of the execution of the work in progress. 

2- Contractor management 

It has features for contractor and subcontractor management, including the ability to generate a database of contractors that can be divided by different projects and tasks on any construction project. This database also includes important information about the contractor, the contractor’s company and the terms and conditions for the contractor’s payment, among others. 

3- Project management 

BrickControl also provides the ability to track a construction project from start to finish. This program divides the construction project into different tasks, allows the visualization of certain events, such as work delays or tasks finishing ahead of schedule, cost deviations, billings, etc. 

4- Generation of reports 

It can produce various printed reports ranging from contractor lists, project charts and budget reports, variances, inventory, invoicing, purchase order reports, cost estimate reports and many more. The ability to generate reports. The ability to generate reports on any aspect of the development of the site, makes BrickControl a support system for control. 

Main advantages: 

  • No payments for facilities or infrastructure. Simply subscribe and log in.
  • Developed with the latest HTML5 technology.
  • Use of APIs to make business management and integrations more powerful.
  • Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company, multi-user.
  • Progressive Web Application(PWA) system.
  • Exceptional capabilities as measurement software.
  • Adaptable to the versatility of the project.

Integration capability, BrickControl prepares for the next big shift in building technology

The world of technological development is preparing to move towards the ability to integrate different software, as the most technologically advanced products are automatically integrated. 

Through its REST API, BrickControl  currently  enables absolute real-time integration, letting companies choose the best product in each category and simply integrate it into BrickControl. 

“The time has passed in which only an ERP solved all the problems of the company, working with many deficiencies in some areas and difficult to install and use.

We believe that an important change is going to take place, nowadays many products in the market should no longer be seen as competitors, but as partners where we can join forces to provide the best solution to customers.

This way, customers can choose the best construction control and execution software, the best BIM software, the best accounting software for their country, and more; all these software can be fully functional and integrated as if they were a single product.” David Jimenez, CEO of BrickControl, said..

Main aspirations

The vision of BrickControl is to continue to serve as a reference in construction project management software and to reach more and more countries. 

“With our technology to manage all construction processes, we have helped hundreds of businesses in 2021, from clients, to entrepreneurs, to freelancers and companies of all sizes and we are committed to continue to grow.

The improvements we are planning for 2022 we are sure will benefit all agents involved in the construction sector.” David Jimenez added.

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