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MDAP – Universidad de Valencia discusses BrickControl

BrickControl is a highly specialized and powerful product for construction project management and is very easy to use for any type of company within the construction industry.

Pedro Morillo Tena – Director Master MDAP “Project Management”.

MDAP are Master experts in Project Management.

MDAP is a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the University of Valencia, widely acknowledged for its international excellence in the implementation and dissemination of Project Management at an international level. MDAP has actively collaborated in the creation of three National chapters from PMI alongside with Madrid and Barcelona fostering the implementation of Project Management in Europe and it is the most important promoter of Project Management in Latin America.

In the Master’s last edition conferences regarding software for project management took place, and BrickControl was selected as one of the best software for project management and highly specialized for construction project management.

Pedro Morillo Tena,Head of MDAP Master at Universidad de Valencia, was positively surprised by BrickControl, highlighting what a powerful tool BrickControl is for construction companies, specially in regards to how easy to use it is in comparison to other available software.

MDAP Master authorities have decided to include BrickControl as a reference software for construction project management.

From BrickControl we would like to express our gratitude for the recognition given by the Master’s organizers and it’s students. We will actively collaborate with upcoming Master conferences.