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ACCIONA’s review of BrickControl

Thanks to Brickcontrol we have improved the management of our energy services projects and the manager has a global, detailed and real-time vision of projects from multiple countries.

Miguel Angel Pareja – IT Manager – https://www.acciona.com/es/

ACCIONA is a company with presence in more than 40 countries, leader in sustainability and energy services project management.

One of the main reasons that lead to the choice of BrickControl was the knowledge of BrickControl’s team in regards to the industry and applied technology.. BrickControl is a product prepared to work in the cloud from any country and platform. It allows us to have scalable technology  to grow and have as many users as we need in our own private cloud.

With BrickControl our managers work in a coordinated way, while they get the data they need without having to ask other departments for the information, and therefore day-to-day life is much easier than it used to be. We can know how much energy we have saved in each period and project, manage the progress of the project and everything related to it (orders, collections, payments…).

Management has a dashboard that contains graphic information which allows the manager to have a global view of all the projects grouped by different categories, and with a single click they can see the details of each project, the profits and multiple indicators.

The BrickControl team’s knowledge of the industry and the good understanding of our company’s needs has helped us with the implementation of BrickControl in ACCIONA. In all phases of the project there has been a close collaboration between BrickControl and ACCIONA, analyzing each need and providing a satisfactory response to all of them.