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Stock control for construction projects

Inventory & Stock Control for Construction and Building

Keep track of available stock items and inventory for each construction project from beginning to end.

Assign and organize construction items in stock with one single click. Optimize inventory tracking procedures for all construction sites, building projects, and warehouses.

Software screen for inventory control at construction sites
Keep track of construction items

Keep track of all construction items

You can easily manage all the materials and items and materials of each of your construction projects. Our inventory control app provides all the necessary technical details such as categories, item types, materials, equipment, and tools.

Keep track and manage the stock of each item in the different warehouses to optimize the procurement process.

Comprehensive inventory tracking software for construction sites

Keep your stock control and construction inventory fully integrated with your construction project. Know the status of each item and materials, their location, and availability. BrickControl helps you optimize:

  • Construction Materials purchases
  • Logistics of stocked items in construction warehouses
  • Cost control for construction items, equipment, and tools
Stock Control
Supplier management

Manage your Construction Material suppliers

Analyze each supplier’s different prices, quality, and performance for the procurement of specific items to determine which is the best supplier that suits your needs.

Find out more about our construction supplier management application.

Our App offers a simpler way for contractors, professionals, and construction companies to keep track of their construction inventory items.

BrickControl allows you to keep track of the available stock of construction items for each project, in order to manage and oversee the warehouses. Monitors inventories in warehouses and warehouses, taking care of relationships with industry suppliers.

Get simpler construction item listings

Get simpler construction item listings

BrickControl allows you to automatically create items either based on the resources needed for each project, or the units indicated on the estimates. It also makes it possible to import item lists from an Excel file.

Define specific materials and items

Our stock control application allows you to complete all the technical data and specifications of each construction item. Include detailed information such as technical documentation and additional resources such as photographs, drawings, etc. Our Construction Inventory tracking program minimizes issues in site logistics processes.

Define specific materials and items
Categorize and Classify Construction Items with no limitations

Classify all your stock and construction site inventory

Organize construction items and materials with multiple classifications and in different categories. Our stock control system allows you to classify and order all the items of your construction projects with complete and efficient information sheets. Have all the information you need on your stock available and with no limits!

Historical price control records for construction suppliers

BrickControl allows you to access the purchase price history maintained with each supplier. BrickControl allows you to access the historic data of all purchase prices from each supplier. This allows you to get a better price-cost ratio, which can be decisive in selecting a supplier for construction and building.

Historic price control by supplier
Add comments on items for better control

Place annotations about items in stock for better control

Add notes and custom additional information on items, to make the logistics and control process more accurate. Complete instructions for use, references to the project you are building, and all the necessary information for efficient stock control in warehouses and storage facilities.

Differentiate products, from services and items

With our stock control app you can specify if a construction item is a physical product or if it is a service.

BrickControl’s stock control system is fully integrated with construction project management. Our app works seamlessly with other construction project tasks, such as subcontractor tracking, budget estimating, and project progress control.

Differentiate products, from services and items
Create a construction item and use it in many different processes

Create a construction item and use it in many different processes

The items created can be used to generate purchase orders, material receipts, and purchase invoices. They can also be used as a reference in inventory tracking and monitoring.

Manage inventory, warehouse and stock efficiently

Optimize your construction procurement processes by identifying the most suitable suppliers.

Manage inventory, warehouse and stock efficiently

Optimize your construction procurement processes by identifying the most suitable suppliers.

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