BrickControl allows you to easily control cost overruns of your projects in real time and analyze exactly where the problem areas lie in order to take the appropriate measures in a timely fashion.


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Software that controls costs and discrepancies of your job tasks and construction projects


Cost Deviation Analysis

BrickControl puts at your disposal the most powerful project analysis and management tool in the market. It continuously monitors costs, comparing (by period or origin) the expected consumption and prices with those that actually appeared on the budget, causing deviations in consumption and prices of allocated resources.

Analysis of work task discrepancies are provided with the software for BrickControl builders


Control panel

Monitor your construction projects with BrickControl’s charts. You will be able to monitor the state of your project in real time and from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet, making decisions in a much faster and efficient way.


BrickControl's dashboard lets you take control of work tasks from anywhere in real time



All information is at your fingertips. All data entered into the system can be sorted and classified as desired through the “Reports” module.

BrickControl offers multiple reports on the status of your building company and work tasks


Planning – Gantt

BrickControl automatically creates a Gantt chart for the project’s schedule based on the structure of the budget. You provide the start and end dates or the duration of the tasks to be performed and BrickControl will calculate the overall duration of the project. You will be able to visualize the project’s critical paths and see the resources associated with each task. The schedule will be automatically updated to reflect the progress of your project.

Brickcontrol: Software planning – Gantt.  Allows automatic planning of your tasks and construction projects.


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Software for managing job tasks and construction projects

Create budgets and
import price data.
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Software for managing job tasks and construction projects

Plan your projects
and control certifications.
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Software that manages the processing of projects and tasks.  The BrickControl program specializes in builders and architects.

Measure the project’s progress
and allocate expenses.
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