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Designed for management and project monitoring personnel

Check out the tools that let you get an overview of the project and monitor its evolution






Do you know where you are losing money?

Easily analyze deviations from your plans. Compares the forecast with reality and decide corrective actions before it is too late.  





Monitor your projects from any mobile device

Do you travel often? With a single click on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry…) you will be able to see and graphically analyze the state of your projects. If anything happens at the office, you will see it immediately!



Anticipate financial problems

Get your projects’ cash flow in real time for any desired period.





Do you want to know the performance of your construction personnel?

With BrickControl you will know where, when, and which performance deviations your construction personnel have.



Make him happy with just a click

With one click you can generate a status report of the project and share it with your client or your colleagues.




Is your project moving forward but not your pocket? Do not let your bills fall behind

Update your project measurements in site, without having to return to the office. BrickControl calculates how much you need to collect and it generates the certification invoice with an outstanding presentation.


For companies wanting to monitor the execution of the project

(construction companies, engineering companies, or construction services companies)

we recommend the BUSINESS edition

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Do you study projects?

Create budgets and study your project’s documents.

Do you manage projects?

Automate planning, analyze construction progress…

Do you execute projects?

Manage the day-to-day activities of the construction